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A mare or Filly's weight will not alter much from that of a male horse of the same size. The weight of the horse is more affected by breed, age, conformation, diet,& work level. There is no real average weight for a horse.

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How much does a horse fly weigh?

how much do horse flys weigh

How much does the female reproductive organs weigh?

How much do the female reproductive organs weigh?

How much is a normal horse weigh?

It really depends on the breed of horse and of course the gender as some breeds have males that are larger than the female or vice versa.

What is the average weight of a male and female horse?

depending on the breed and size typicaly for a regual sized horse about 1000lbs. but Draft horses can weigh much more

How much do female pandas weigh?

Female pandas weigh 220 pounds

How much does a full grown quarter horse weigh?

This would vary. You need to consider if the horse is male or female. The average weight can be between 1000 to 1500 pounds.

How much does a miniature horse weigh?

Mine weigh about 250lbs.

How much should a 16.5 hand horse weigh?

How much a 16.5 hand horse should weigh generally depends upon the size of the horse. As a general estimate, it should weigh about 650 KG.

How much do horse jockeys weigh?

Horse jockeys are typically shorter people. There is no average for their weight though it is doubtful they weigh much.

How much do female pygmy killer whales weigh?

Female Pygmy Whales Weigh almost as much as males, males weigh 1,000 while the female weighs about 900 Lefronz

How much deos a horse weigh?

every horse does not way the same

How much does a grown horse weigh?


How much does the Tennessee Walking horse weigh?

As much as a normal lightweight horse, probably in between an Arabian and a Quarter Horse.

Im a twenty year old female my height's about 5'5 how much should i weigh?

im a twenty year old female that is about 5'5 how much should i weigh? im a sixteen year old female that is about 5'2 how much shouldi weigh

Can a 3 year old horse be ridden?

Depending on how much you weigh and how much the horse weighs.The horse can only take so much pressure.

How much do female tigers weigh?

Well Female Tgers Weigh Any Were Between 450-560 Pounds !

How much does a female Florida panther weigh?

Adult female Florida panthers weigh about 65-100 lb.

How much do female giraffes weigh?


How much does a female brain weigh?


How much does a female weigh?

400+ pounds

How much does a Breton horse weigh?

750 kg

How much does an adverage horse weigh?

Depends on the breed

How much does a Azteca horse weigh?

850 KG

How much a bucket of horse weigh?

8.5 kg

How much does a gypsy cob horse weigh?


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