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How much does a full time babysitter earn?

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5 dollars an hour for EACH child watched.

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What is Mary Poppins' job?

She's a nanny (a full-time babysitter).

Do a full time job or make a full time job?

"I do a full time Job to earn my living"

How much do camp director's earn?

Full time 30K or Seasonal 5-8K for the Summer

How much money does a draughtsman earn in the UK?

Earn 3000$/day by easy Part/Full time MNC jobs at home for ALL.Details Visit: WWW.EARN.NGCLICKS.COM

How much money do pediatricians earn in the UK?

Earn 3000$/day by easy Part/Full time MNC jobs at home for ALL.Details Visit: WWW.EARN.NGCLICKS.COM

What is the average amount of time that it takes a full time student to earn a bachelor degree?

The average amount of time it takes for a full-time student trying to earn a bachelors degree is 4 years.

How much do statisticians earn at their first salary?

They usually earn around 80-120k to start with but then gradually increasing to around 180-200k to full-time statistician.

If you make 10.50 per hour how much do you make a year?

If you work full-time you will earn $21,840.00 per year.

How much can you earn as a horse riding instructor?

it depends how many hours you work and if you work full time or part time, the average is £11,000 to £24,000 a year. some can earn more it depends on what your riding ability is.

How much money does mailman earn per hour?

A full time USPS mailman makes 18 dollars per hour.

How much money does a roof plumber in Australia earn?

If you're qualified you should be on about 26-35 an hour if you are working full time

How much do part time head chef earn?

as any chef will tell you, there are no part time head chefs only part time cooks. A chefs position is a full time commitment.

How much money do sport physios earn?

For part-time work it's usually $25,000-50,000 (AUD) per annum, but for full-time it tends to be $75,000+

How much do pet insurance sales reps earn?

Insurance sales reps earn a smaller amount in salary, but a lot of their compensation is based on how much insurance they actually sell. So, how much you make really depends on how good a saleman you are. Working full time, you can earn anywhere between $20k and $80k.

How much can you earn in Michigan while still receiving unemployment benefits?

You must be working less than full time, and the details on how much you can earn is in the Related Link below, in the "Receiving unemployment benefits while working" section.

How much do entertainers earn?

Entertainers can earn as little as hundreds a month to hundreds of thousands a month. There are comedians, dancers, singer, actors and many more. Most of these cannot make a full time living in entertainment.

What is the yearly income of a high school basketball coach?

Part time coaches earn less, full time coaches earn more (often the same as a teacher)

How much Martial arts teacher in US earn?

Less then you earn now. Most martial arts instructor barely make anything. Only the highly prestigious teachers will make enough for it to be a full time job.

How much do postal carriers make in fort lauderdale Florida?

Starting pay for a substitute carrier is $17.51. Regular / full time carriers earn more.

How much should a full time live in caretaker in Washington state earn from Jan to oct?

That depends on the job description, the accountability's, responsibilities and tasks required.

What is a dual income family?

Where both parents work full time and earn money :)

Can a 13yr old work as a Babysitter part time?

Yeah sure as long as you are 13 you could work as a babysitter.

How much money does a bus driver earn per year?

How much money a bus driver earns per year will depend upon the company he works for. It will also depend upon his experience. You can expect to earn at least $20,000 per year if you work full time.

Can you have a full time job and receive retirement benefits?

Not normally, as full time employment would earn you more money than allowed with the amount of benefit received.

How much do Guide dog trainers earn?

Depends on the org, many are volunteers that get no pay and do it in their spare time. Others are full-time and get between minimum wage to triple depending on the org and their skill level.