How much does a fuse box cost for citroen saxo 1.2?

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Where is the diagnostic socket on a citroen saxo?

the diagnostic socket is located (if right hand drive) under the glove box on the passenger Sid behind a panel that has a space to put in your finger and pull down the cover and their it is

Where is the oil filter on a citroen saxo?

Answer . on a saxo vtr the oil filter is on the right hand side of the exhaust manifold it is a black cylinder and you cant miss it you dont need to change the cylinder just the filter element inside any Q e-mail me at

Citroen saxo speedo not working?

its iether the fuse // or broken cable //or the gear link on the top back of the gearbox near the gear linkage

Why dont the heaters work in your citroen saxo the fuses are all ok?

One of the reasons you heater may not work is the thermostat. If the car keeps overhrating or the temperature gauge or light goes on/up could mean thermostat needs replacing if not not too sure why. Part is not very expensive I dont think.. you need to carefully check all the fuses again /i did min ( Full Answer )

How do you replace a rear bulb on a citroen saxo?

depending on the whereabouts of the bulb, i presume you mean brake lights or rear lights. take off the lens and unclip the plastic bulb holder. twist the bulb in question and replace carefully.

How do you disconnect your alarm on your citroen saxo?

look under the passenger side dash u should see a black box if its ultrasonic alarm you will see 2 wires at the side these are the ultrasonic sensor connectors next to that you should see a big connector with several wires leading simply pull out the connector this completely disconnects the alarm.. ( Full Answer )

How do you wire a citroen saxo ignition barrel?

To wire an ignition barrel in the Citroen Saxo, begin bydisconnecting the wire at the negative terminal of the battery. Alead wire has to go to the ACC terminal on the ignition barrel. Thestarter relay wire goes to the ST terminal and the ignition wire isconnected to the IGN terminal.

How do you change a citroen saxo drive shaft?

undo the hub nut in the centre of the front wheel, lever down the wish bone and remove the ball joint from the hub after undoing the bolt through it. pull/hit gently the drive shaft out, making sure that you've first drained the gearbox oil first as if not prepare to get a big shock and get very dir ( Full Answer )

Changing oil in citroen saxo?

you need 3.5L of either 15-40 or 10-40 oil plus a filter, a new washer for the drain sump and you will need a sump key and a oil filter wrench. You can get all you need from a good motor factors for around £30 so well worth doing. Remember to recycle the used oil and don't dump in in a drai ( Full Answer )

Citroen Saxo power steering pump?

i also had this problem and the thing that work for me was i hit the pump with a hammer, i guess it had stuck and a few tap released it straight away, you could hear the pump starting to spin and its been working since.

How do you change the clock in a citroen saxo 2001?

hold in right hand button on right of dash display until the clock hours starts to flash and then keep pressing it until the number you want shows. then wait until minutes flash and repeat until it shows number you want. then leave and and it will stop flashing after a few seconds.

Where is the fuse box on a citroen synergie?

If you open your glove box you will find two metal spring clips, one either side, that stop it from opening too far. If you press these in and open the glove box further than usual you will find a large cover behind it, this cover has a hand-hold in it, pull it towards you and the fuses are behind ( Full Answer )

How do you change a wing mirror of a citroen saxo?

take facing plate off on the inside were you adjust and there shuld be screws!. +++might have to take the door pannel off because i think 1 of the screws are behind it :P

Were is the fuse box on a citroen zx?

Right hand side of lower dash board, Under steering wheel, next to bonnet release catch, you need to unscrew 3 bolts. A coin or a wide head screw driver will do it!!

Where is the fuse box on a Renault Clio 1.2 16v 2003?

The fuse box on a Renault clio is on the near side, ie left side looking out of the passenger seat. Gently pry off the cover on the left hand side of the dash the fuses and spairs are underneath the cover, there is also a engine fuse box under the bonnet same side again these fuses tend to carry a h ( Full Answer )

Where is the windscreen washer pump on a citroen saxo?

It is located under the windscreen washer bottle which is located under the front offside wing (rhd) How to remove and replace I searched the web to find this answer and couldn't so after an afternoon of doing it here goes! First, I jacked the front of the car up from the drivers side fr ( Full Answer )

How to change Citroen saxo fan belt?

I dont think the Saxo has a fan belt, it is a transverse engine and the fan is an electric one. If you mean the cam belt, you will need to get yourself the locking tools. It is not difficult to do, good luck

How do you remove a citroen saxo wishbone?

slacken wheel nuts. raise car and remove wheel . Slacken and remove ball joint through bolt at the bottom of the hub carrier. . Remove nut from middle bush then pull out the long bolt. . INside car, lift carpet back, under a cover in the rubber soundproofing you will see two nuts, slacken and rem ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuse box in a Citroen Xsara Picasso located?

There are two places for fuses on the Citroen xsara Picasso the main ones are to the right of the steering wheel behind a little storage area just pull the recess out and the fuses are there the other is under the bonnet.

How do you adjust handbrake cable on Citroen Saxo?

jack rear of car use jacks,with the hand brake off pump food brake 2-3 times,with food brake pressed down pull hand brake up in a normal manner 3-4 times ,this should reset the handbrake.

Where is Citroen dispatch van fuse box?

there are two, one under the bonnet rhs, the other behind the glove compartment. There are two release springs either side of the compartment. Unfortunately I'm one step ahead and have found the fuse box but there's no diagram so it's useless knowing where it is anyway! ha

Where is the horn on the citroen saxo furio?

2 3 1 4 starting from front left on coil going clockwise. no1 shortest lead goes far right plug. 2 goes second from right plug 3 goes third from right and 4 goes to left plug

How do you remove the headlight cover on a citroen saxo?

you need to heat the grey mastic , glue around the edges take your light housing out remove all the bulbs and heat around the edges with a hairdryer or put the housing in the oven at 150 degrees. for 10 min.. and the lens cover will prise off with a flat headed screwdriver dont forget your oven glov ( Full Answer )

How to decode a citroen saxo radio?

I tried to decode my radio the trouble is i had 4 attemps and an error is showing how do i solve the problem

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Where is the fuse box on a Citroen C3?

The Citroen C3 has two fuse boxes. One is under the bonnet just to the right of the battery. It has a plastic cover that is quite hard to get off but there's a catch in the middle of the side facing the battery press the centre of this in with a screw driver and pull the cover. The second fuse box i ( Full Answer )

How do you adjust headlights on citroen saxo car?


How do you remove the rear hub from a Citroen Saxo?

Remove the wheel, then in the middle of the drum is a cap. Take off the cap with a flat head screw driver, which reveals the bolt holding it on. Use a 32mm socket to remove, but before removing the nut you will notice has a pin tapped through the lug nut. To remove this use a flat head screw driver ( Full Answer )

Where is fuse box on citroen c3?

There are 2 Fuse Boxes on the Citroen C3 one in the glove box and the other under the bonnet, next to the battery. The link has photos of both fuse box locations

Where are the fuse boxes in a Citroen Picasso?

There are two fuse boxes: . Passenger Compartment: Pull the small flap under the glasses holder (small tray between steering wheel and door). . Engine Compartment: Located in a black box to the right of the engine as you look at it.

How much does it cost to replace fuse box with circuit breaker?

This project is a service upgrade and requires a permit and inspections. In the central United States where I live, you might get it for $800 but don't be surprised if it costs $1200 or more. It is an all day project for one or two people. It is a high profit job for the electrician because you a ( Full Answer )

What safety concerns are there with the Citroen Saxo automobile?

The Citroen Saxo automobile has multiple safety concerns, including a low Euro NCAP crash test score. The standard safety equipment has been noted to be sub-par and does not contain any deadlocks in its design. The engine and gearbox occasionally suffer issues from starting and overheating, and the ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy alloys for a Citroen Saxo?

Alloys for a Citroen Saxo can be purchased from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell these alloys include WheelBaseAlloys and eBay.