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You need to provide more information - length and diameter or dimensions across flats of the post. I can then tell you roughly what it will be.

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What direction must the post of a wooden fence face?

to answer that ? is the post is to the inside of the fence

What is a strainer post?

A strainer post is a fence post.

How much space is recommended between posts for a wooden fence?

Six foot from post hole to post hole

What is the definition of a fence post?

A pole that supports a fence.

Has anyone used a fence posts called the z post?

Yes! The Z Post is the best fence post I have ever used! It is a metal fence post for wood fences. Its is powder coated like wrought iron. It is a gret post. HIGHLY Recommend!

When installing field fence which side of the post does the fence go on?

The outside.

How many fence post needed to fence 18 meters?

It depends on what kind of fence you wish to put up. For example, an electrified barbed wire and steel post fence would only require about three posts. But a wood plank and wood post fence would require about five or six.

How do you install fence posts?

To install wooden fence posts, it is bests to use a fence post auger. An auger literally drills the correct size hole in which to insert the post.

What sound does rain make on a galvanized iron roof?

No such thing as a galvanized iron roof. They are galvanized steel. The sound is distinct and as I cannot post audio it is impossible to describe the sound. But if you will click the link you can hear it.

Is a fence an example of a wedge?

No, a fence is not an example of a wedge. A fence post could be a wedge if it is pointed and designed to be pounded into the ground.

How do you use post as a noun?

A bird landed on the fence post. The guard had fallen asleep at his post.

Which state is The Fence Post based in?


When was the steel fence post invented?


What is a part of fence that rhymes with boast?


How much does a magic the gathering card weigh?

60 cards might weigh about 3.5oz, but you can always take the card to the local post office to weigh card or cards. 1 card could weigh about .058oz. maybe, best to weigh at Post Office though.

Can you attach a fence post to the neighbors house wall?

No. You would require permission from them. No Permission No Fence.

A rectangular yard 80 feet by 60 feet has a fence with a post on every corner and another post every five feet how many posts are needed for the entire fence?

56 posts are needed for the fence

How much does a 1987 Honda accord weigh?

Look on the driver's door post.

Wood Fence Repair?

form_title=Wood Fence Repair form_header=12493 What kind(s) of repair do you need?*= [] Fence is damaged [] Other [] Post is damaged [] Gate is sagging [] Fence is loose [] Hardware is damaged/broken/missing [] Fence is rusty [] Post is wobbly How high is the fence in question?*= () 4-6 feet () Less than 4 feet () 6-8 feet () Greater than 8 feet How would you describe the style of fencing you need to have repaired?*= () Post and rail (2 rail) () Cable fencing () Post and pole (spiked) () 2x6 board fence () Picket fencing () Post and pole (dowel) () Post and rail (3 rail) () Other

How many fence post do you need for a fifty foot diameter circle?

You need 1962.5 fence posts.

What does a post hole auger do?

it's a tool that makes a round hole in the ground . The more it turns the deeper it will be to put a fence post to stand in when assembling a fence line.

How does a person estimate how much a privacy fence should cost?

A privacy fence is usually quite costly. To figure out how much, first calculate how many feet of fence that will be needed.Then, decide between a wood fence or a vinyl one. Calculate how many posts you will need, knowing you need a post for about every six feet. Then calculate how nails you will need. About three per board. And finally choose your fence height.

What does post mean?

Post can be a verb or a noun. As a verb, post can mean to add a comment to an online forum, send a letter, or place something on a bulletin board. As a noun, post can mean the part of a fence that is placed in the ground (the fence post) to hold the fence . a long piece of timber, metal or other material that is placed in the ground (a clothes line post, sign post, etc) the service that delivers mail or a paid position (job).

How deep should a fence post be dug for a fence post?

It depends on the type of fence that you are installing as well as the height and even the climate. A good rule would be 2-3 ft below the ground. For colder climates you want to make sure you bury the post below the frost line.

How much does a 4x4X10 FOOT wood post weigh?

approx 3.5 lbs / ft

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