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How much does a general contractor make?

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Depending on the size of the job, anywhere from 10-50% can be fair. If I was contracting a $10k job that was going to take two weeks, I would expect to net about 30%. If I am going to be on the job all the time and unable to run other jobs, then I would need to have a margin closer to 50% and so on and so forth

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How much money does a general contractor make every year?

$440,000 a year

how much do home improvement contractors make?

Not all general contractors make the same. The pay is determined on the experience the contractor has and how much materials it will take. The site I listed below states how much a contractor costs.

How much money does a general contractor make in SF bay area?

I currently make $120,000 a year. My company is well known.

Can a roof be fixed by a general contractor?

If he can't he shouldn't be a general contractor

How much is security contractor pay in Afghanistan?

Not sure about Afghanistan, but security contractors in general make anywhere from 500 to over 1000 per day, depending on the type of mission and skills/qualifications of the contractor.

How much does a general contracor licence typically cost?

A general contractor licence usually costs about $200.

Who was the contractor that built the metrodome?

General Contractor Lic.

What is the difference between a general builder and a general contractor?

The General Builder does the work himself. The General Contractor has other people do the work.

How much does a bull stock contractor make?

how much does a bull stock contrctor make

How much money does a general contractor make per hour?

at average you will earn about $2 a year. if you were a profesional you will earn $3 a year. E=MC2

Why would a subcontractor get a general contractor license?

So they can work as a general contractor and not have to work for someone else.

What is an insured contractor?

An insured contractor is a contractor who carries a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy.

What to do when a contractor does not want to pay a sub contractor?

Are you the contractor, the subcontractor, or the person who hired the contractor in the first place? If you're the person who hired the general contractor, you don't have to do anything - this is between the general contractor and the subcontractor. As long as you pay the contractor the agreed-upon price, you can wash your hands of the matter. If you're the subcontractor, and the general contractor who hired you is not paying what he owes, you can sue him for breach of contract. If you are the general contractor, you better have a really good reason for not paying the subcontractor (the subcontractor materially breached its contract with you, for example).

What happens when a general contractor is not a general contractor in your state?

That means he is an unlicensed general contractor. He has not set up a bond or registered with the state licensing board. Complaints in your state would not be readily available.

What is the difference between contractors and general contractor?

a general contractor is who is license with a general building license (b) and is permitted to take jobs in whole a contractor or specialty contractor are the contractor that specialized in one trade only and are permitted to take only special trades on the job for example an electrical contractor can only take electrical job

How much do a contractor make a year?

as a contractor i have made, at a high point, a 1,000,000 a month for 3 straight months

What is the Florida average hourly rate for a licensed general contractor?

A licensed general contractor makes about 27 dollars an hour. If they have been in this position a long time, they may make 30 to 35 dollars an hour.

What is the average length of a job for kitchen cabinet contractors in Wichita, KS?

If you have a substantial project with several different independent contractors or subcontractors, it pays to hire a qualified general contractor to oversee your project. They are experienced at organizing and scheduling work, negotiating terms, and getting you the best value for your money. A common refrain among homeowners who have acted as their own general contractor is often, "If I´d known how much work it was, I would have hired a general contractor to do it for me." A general contractor knows where the trouble spots are and can head them off before they derail the project. Your general contractor (GC) is the key to bringing a high quality job in on time for the budgeted amount. To make sure your contractor is going to perform for you, the following points can help qualify his expertise.

Are they a difference between a general contractor and a contractor?

general contractors differ in that they are familiar with all aspects of the building process, from vacant land all the way through the processes to complete a home, office building and so forth. a contractor will and can be hired BY a general contractor to accomplish a certain aspect of the process of construction. general contractors can roughly be compared to a general practitioner. a contractor, to a doctor who only specializes in one area of practice

What is the difference between a general contractor and sub contractor in the construction industry?

The general contractor is in charge of the project and hires the sub contractor for the various parts of construction. Framer, plumber, electrician, gets the material and sees that the job is completed.

Can a subcontractor place a lien on a contractor who has not paid for services rendered?

It is true that when having renovation work done on your property, if the general contractor hires a sub-contractor to perform duties and doesn't pay him...we as homeowners are liable. It was the general contractor who hired the sub-contractor with no involvement from us as the homeowner's.

General Contractor?

form_title=Find a General Contractor form_header=A general contractor coordinates all aspects of a building project, from foundation work to the finishing touches. Describe the Project:=_ What is the proposed timeline of the project?=_ Would you like an estimate?= () Yes () No

How much does a general contractor charge per hour in Maryland?

A general Contractor does not typically charge by the hour. They usually charge by the job or by percentage. A G.C.'s job is to hire and coordinate not to "work" so hours would be a pore measure of his worth. Perhaps you are confusing a GC with a Home Improvement Contractor?

Is there a difference between a general contractor and a project manager?

There's no resemblance whatsoever between the general contractor and the Project Manager in job functions.

What are all of the general liability class codes for a general contractor?