How much does a girl bleed when she loses her virginity?



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First off, not every girl bleeds when she loses her virginity, and any bleeding will vary from person to person. Usually any bleeding is light and doesn't last long. Make sure you practice safe sex and have a partner you can trust. If bleeding is heavy, or prolonged after intercourse (very rare) you should see a doctor.

The blood is caused by the breaking of the hymen ( piece of skin inside the vagina that closes the opening) blood could range from two small droplets to two table spoons. But now a days since girls are more active than a long time ago, we ride bikes , climb trees, go running , ride horses, most girls break their hymen by being active and they don't even realize it. So about 50% of the time a girl won't bleed at all the first time they have sex. But it's still hurts. It also depends on If the girl has ever masterbated or been fingered, that could alsobreak the hymen before sex.