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First off, not every girl bleeds when she loses her virginity, and any bleeding will vary from person to person. Usually any bleeding is light and doesn't last long. Make sure you practice safe sex and have a partner you can trust. If bleeding is heavy, or prolonged after intercourse (very rare) you should see a doctor.

The blood is caused by the breaking of the hymen ( piece of skin inside the vagina that closes the opening) blood could range from two small droplets to two table spoons. But now a days since girls are more active than a long time ago, we ride bikes , climb trees, go running , ride horses, most girls break their hymen by being active and they don't even realize it. So about 50% of the time a girl won't bleed at all the first time they have sex. But it's still hurts. It also depends on If the girl has ever masterbated or been fingered, that could alsobreak the hymen before sex.

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What will happen when a girl loses her virginity?

Aside from happenings in her life, losing her virginity shouldn't change much about anything.

How much do you bleed after losing your virginity?

It varies female to female. Some don't bleed at all, while others do a pretty considerable amount.

Cherry popped or period?

Losing your virginity can make you spot a bit but not bleed as much as a menstruation for days. Most don't bleed at all.

How does a girl feel after she loses her virginity?

It depends: If she lost it to someone she doesn't care for too much, she will probably regret it or not think it's that special. If a girl lost it to someone she loves, she'll probably cherish the memory for life.

How much can you bleed when you lose your virginity?

i suppose it depends. i am 14, and i lost my virginity about two weeks ago. it didn't bleed too much, just a little bit in my pants and a little after while using the toilet. honestly it wasn't as bad as i thought and didn't hurt at all :)

How long will the bleeding last once a female loses her virginity?

It's different for everyone. For a few women, they bleed a lot and for a few days, but it's not too excessive. For most women, it is not much at all and it doesn't last very long either.

How much does a woman bleed when she looses her virginity?

I lost my virginity yesterday, and I lost not that much blood and not that less if you get what I mean ... It depends on the person I guess now I'm just scared if I get pregnant cos the condom ripped :/

Your girl was a virgin but did not bleed much?

Some girls bleed very little when the hymen is breached.

How much blood is there after your hymen breaks?

A girl can bleed a lot when her hymen breaks, some girls bleed just a little, some girls bleed nothing. A girl can bleed about 20 to 50 ml, when her hymen breaks

How much does a girl bleed when losing her virginaty?

A small amount, if any.

How much do you bleed when your hymen is broken?

It can vary from woman to woman. It is quite a shock to the system when a young woman loses her virginity (physical shock) so this could have also brought on an early period. It isn't anything serious and you'll just be fine. Some women don't bleed at all, some just have a spot, and others bleed quite a bit, even if they have been using tampons and such. It varies from nothing to spotting for a few days. It's individual.

How is it possible for a female to bleed for a week and not die?

It's not a question of how long but of how much. If a person loses more the 40% of their blood, they are in danger of dieing.

Can a girl lose her virginity an lose a lot of blood?

No, it is normal to see a little blood for the first time, but not much.

Can you lose your virginity from anal?

Your virginity has just as much to do mentally, as phydical

Does losing your virginity hurt?

If you're a girl, yes, it hurts after losing your virginity. But it hurts a lot more while you're losing your virginity.After you've had sex several times, though, it starts to feel really good.AnswerIt's different for every woman and it depends on his size, but most of the time yes it does hurt. And you will bleed afterwards.AnswerYou may bleed when you lose your virginity. Or, you may not. Typically, when a woman has sex for the first time, her hymen -- a thin membrane on the walls of the vagina -- breaks, and she bleeds a little.However, many other things can break your hymen: vibrators, tampons, horseback riding, mountain biking...things like that. If a woman's hymen has already been broken, she will NOT bleed when she loses her virginity.AnswerI'm not going to lie to you, your first time does hurt. but its nothing to be scared of after having sex a few times it starts feeling really good.I'm 14 and still a virgin thank god but I asked my mom this and she said at first very little, but the next day you're in so much pain because you have never used certain muscles before, so answer definitely yesYes popping a cherry is quite painful but i would guess how much would have to do with the size of the guy. And it doesnt hurt just the first time but also the second and third. The first and second hurt the most. In my experience i bled a little the first and the second time i bled alot. I hope this helped :)Yes, it's also common to bleed a little. How much it hurts is different from person to person.No and yes, every woman or girl is different . If he sticks it in you to deep your cherry will pop and you won't hardly bleed alot most people will. Some say you bleed little spotsNo

How much do you normally bleed when you lose your virginity?

Not much. Not more than a single pantyliner could hold. If you're bleeding a lot, and it's nowhere near time for your period, something has happened, and you should go see a doctor.

If i sex a girl what changes will appear in her body?

nothin much but if she is a virgin she will bleed from down there it depends on position

Does a girl age 8 who has her period bleed as much as an older woman when they first get their period?

they sure do, everytime.

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How much does a teenage girl bleed when she is on her period?

it depends...sometimes i bleed hardly anything but other times LOADSS!!! if you mstarted in the last 3 years it is really normal for it to change... hope i helped :)

How do you know if you bleed too much when your on your menstruation?

how do you know if you bleed too much when your on your period

When Guys loose there Virginity does it hurt as much a when women do?

No it doesn't hurt for a guy him to lose his virginity, However it may hurt bisexual or homosexual guys if they "receive" to loose their virginity

What does he who loses money loses much he who loses a friend loses much more mean?

Human friendship is endlessly more valuable then money. True friendship can never be spent and run out. Money can.

Will a girl bleed if your penis is to big?

She may bleed if she is a virgin so be careful and considerate with her. The vagina's elasticity can and will adjust itself to various shapes and sizes of penis so don't worry too much about that.

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