How much does a good motorcycle helmet cost?

Here's the opinion of Timberwoof's in his Motorcycle FAQ:

The best helmet for you is one that you can afford, that fits, and that you'll wear every time you get on the motorcycle. A Snell and DOT rated helmet is just as safe as a one ... but not as comfortable on long trips. Just because a helmet isn't required in your state, don't assume that the laws of physics are any different. Get a good helmet and wear it always.


I always buy the best helmet I can, and only those that are certified for Race Track use as well, you cant put a price on your head. Living in Europe, I always buy "ACU Gold" stickered helmets, certified for racing.

If only I could afford an Arai, I would get one, so what if they're from ?350/470? or more, they have the toughest testing per batch of helmets, than any other helmet manufacturer. MotoGP, F1 & Indy Cart Racers use Arai (or Craft - but they're not road legal over here)

P.S. I don't work for Arai, I just want one.....


The answer to this question is pretty easy... Is your head worth 24 dollars or is it worth 250 dollars?

My suggestion on buying a helmet is buy one that fits comfortable for you. I would also suggest buying two or more helmets.

One: Buy a full faced helmet. Upside: it cuts down on outside noise and provided the best protection during an accident Downside: They can be very hot in the summer and heavy during long rides.

Two: Buy a half faced helmet. Upside: They provide a level of protection but not as much protection as a full faced helmet. They are cooler in hot weather and if you wear glasses like I do it is easier to put them on. Downside: They don't offer much protection for your face in you are in accident. For long rides you can have problems with your hearing.

Three: Flip front is a very good helmet Upside: provides more protection then a half face and are more comfortable in hot weather. Since you can lift it while waiting for red lights or other long stops. Downside: They can be more noisy and cost more then full face or half faced helmets.


Don't lust after an expensive helmet (Schuberth S1 Carbon= £750-£800 ), get the one that fits properly and has all the right safety stickers(kite mark and ACU Gold). A full face will protect your jaw and chin. Flip front are great if you are going in and out of checkpoints or working as a courier/riding instructor, but they are more noisy than a full face. More mechanics=more noise. Never use a helmet that has gone past it's replacement date.