How much does a kilo of pure cocaine cost?

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Previous answer was useless... This is true values. 100% clean cocaine (no cuts) is said to be "pure", but not neccesarily 100% cocaine. Max purity reaches 89%. To get this stuff, you would have to buy it off a reseller at the boarder of Holland (Belgium, Germany ect.) for 68,000 euros a kilo. if you go below this prices can go up to 75 euros a gram. Prices may go even lower if you buy more or make better deals. Remember it used to be half the price a decade ago. Now this is rare cocaine, but it does exist. UK cocaine is probably the shittiest that exists, and somehow they pay 1/4 the price after they managed to smuggle half of it there. This just shows it is only 1-10% pure. Good luck and be careful! :)
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How much does an 8ball of cocaine cost?

Every dealer is different. But uselly 175. It varies depending on location, and your relationship to the dealer. On average it will cost about 200$, 175$ at the cheapest and it can easily be as high as 300$. Mind you Ive seen an eightball go for as high as 650$ and as low as 110$.

How much does a kilo of cocaine weigh?

A kilo is a kilo. doesn't matter what substance you're talkingabout. . please do not by cocaine. Cocaine is illegal you'll bearrested if you use it. I don't know but please don't ask regularpeople. This question can put you in danger and will embarrassyou.

How much does pure boron cost?

It depends on how pure you want it to be, and what you want to do with it. If, say, you are looking for a cheap source of water-soluble boron (for mixing into a formula for killing ants), you can probably pick up a 2 kg box of "20 Mule Team" Borax for about US$2.00 at your local supermarket. Borax s ( Full Answer )

How much does marijuana cost a kilo?

coke is sold in kilos weed is sold in pounds and a pound can cost from 700(brown) to 4000(haze) depending on the type and location

How much does aluminum cost per kilo?, spot prices of aluminium in Mumbai were ruling firm at Rs 129.20 per kg. At London Metal Exchange, aluminium prices closed at $3,036.5 per tonne

How much does an ounce of cocaine cost?

In the United States, depending on supply, demand, and the quality of the product, cocaine is usually sold for $40, $50, $60, or $70 a gram. There are 28 grams in an ounce, so, the average price for an ounce would be $1120, $1400, $1680, or $1960.

How much would an ounce of cocaine cost in the US?

In Balt/Wash Area, retail, consumer price (if it does NOT try up which has happened several times amongst all sellers), ranges from about $1520 US - $1650. Additional Info: In the South Texas Area (Laredo, right on the border) an ounce of cocaine costs $600. . In most places, an average price wo ( Full Answer )

How much an eight ball of cocaine cost?

\n. \n. \n$250 tonight apparently, although that seems expensive.\n. \nedit:\nthat IS expensive. Quality cocaine at a GOOD price should run 120-180 an 8-ball. Inflation will occur for lots of different reasons and it's best just to pass.

How much does cocain cost?

A lot of money. It is easier to trade sex for it and cheaper alothough more self demeaning. You can also try being a clepto and selling your ""FINDS""

How much does pure aluminum cost?

It's only about one dollar, since it's so commonly found in Earth's crust.. It's only about one dollar, since it's so commonly found in Earth's crust.

How much does a gram of cocaine cost on the street?

A gram of cocaine typically sells for $50, $60, or $70 dollars, depending on supply and demand. USA: The cost of cocaine depends on the location you are buying it. In Columbia it costs about $2 per gram. It New zealand cocaine can cost about $700. The cut or amount of filler used. The average ( Full Answer )

How much does an ounce of crack cocaine cost?

Well, an ounce of crack cocaine is about 20 dollars for a gram. So whatever amount of grams it would take for an ounce would be a good estimate of how much it should cost.

How much does an eighth of cocaine cost?

Depending on quality and the person selling the product it can range between 100-200 dollars. The average mostly for a gram is 40-50.

How much jail time for a kilo of cocaine?

A long time. No matter where you are in North America you would probly do a lengthy period of time behind bars. However America is much more severe compared to Canada, and with a good lawyer in Canada you may possibly get an ankle bracelt and be put on house arrest

How much does a kilo of coffee beans cost?

It really depends on the type and brand. There is this one animal who eats coffee beans and you can use its droppings for coffee, it costs like $500 a pound or something. Yes, it is real.. A kilo is 2.2 pounds. So if a pound of gourmet coffee beans is $6.99, then a kilo of coffee beans is $6.99 X 2 ( Full Answer )

What is an kilo of cocaine?

'What is a kilo of cocaine?' you mean, well it's cocaine. Cocaine is a really bad drug that is illegal and can kill you!. 'What is a kilo of cocaine?' you mean, well it's cocaine. Cocaine is a really bad drug that is illegal and can kill you!

How much does one pound of cocaine cost?

$9,000 in Colombia and $27,000 in the United States Once in the United States, the pound of cocaine is cut (diluted) five or six times and is worth about $150,000 when finally sold on the street.

How much is a 8 ball of cocaine cost?

In all honesty, the price will vary depending on whom you get it from (not to mention other sactors like quality & availability. In general, it will cost between $180 and $350; with $180 being the lowest you might be able to find and $350 being the most you'd ever want to pay. Never pay more than "p ( Full Answer )

How much does half ounce of cocaine cost in UK?

It depends what context it is bought in. For example if it isbought of a street dealer for personal consumption you would belooking at around £500. If however it is bought of a bigger dealerit would be cheaper. Usually if you were looking to sell thatamount on the street you would probably receiv ( Full Answer )

How much does pure aluminum cost to buy?

Um I think about 29.35 but type it in google and it is like very very first link or something so chek it out and make sure before you use this in a report or anything

How much does pure diamond cost?

Every diamond is a pure diamond, and can be priced depending theindividual cut, colour, carat weight and clarity of each.

How much does half an ounce of cocaine cost in the us?

IN the U.S. Cocaine goes for about 50-100 dollars per gram...depends where you are and the quality of the product. But as with anything else the more you buy the less you pay.... andthe more potential profit / deal you get. For examlpe a half ounce (14 grams) goes for anywhere from 350-600(again d ( Full Answer )

How much does it cost for a line of cocaine?

The cost of the line will depend on the weight. Lines can vary in size greatly, so these numbers are just estimates. There is some fluctuation in the density of coke because it is usually packed tightly into bricks for transport then broken up to varying degrees by the user, so the volume is not alw ( Full Answer )

How much does a kilo of heroin cost?

10-50 years in prison. More if you had "intent to distribute" (and with a kilo, any one with a semblance of a brain will assume you had "intent to distribute").

How Much Money Is 100 Kilos Of Cocaine Worth?

Canadian customs officers at the Ambassador Bridge found 100kilograms of cocaine worth at least $10 million in a truck drivenby Kuldeep Singh Dharni, the Brampton trucker's drug smugglingtrial was told Monday. With an estimated street value of at least $10 million, it was thesecond-largest bust of c ( Full Answer )

How much a kilo of cocaine costs in Arizona?

There are 1000 grams in a kilogram, and in the U.S. a gram of cocaine typically sells for $40, $50, $60, or $70, depending on supply and demand. So the answer would be either $40,000, $50,000, $60,000, or $70,000.

How much does pure silver cost?

Silver prices fluctuate daily. As of today (24 April, 2012), the price is $30.70 in US dollars per ounce.

How much does 1 kilo of gold cost?

Conversion : 1 kilogram = 32.1507466 ounces = 1000 grams 1 kilo of gold in USD = 39041.45 1 kilo of gold in EUR = 25886.12

How much does a pure breed pitbull cost?

It costs you the love of a beautiful pit you could get from theanimal shelter. (But otherwise, it really depends on who you'rebuying them from, how much they are asking, and the quality of theparents.) Please consider rescuing.

How much crack cocaine would an eight ball of pure cocaine make?

1st of all good luck getting "pure" cocaine". I figure you lose 50% or more depending on how much its cut with. I'd say a gram of decent blow will give you 2 $40 rocks. If you buy rocks from someone shady. Put it in a spoon put a drop of water, heat it lightly till you see it bubble but not too much ( Full Answer )

How much a kilo cocaine cost in Miami?

The price of a kilo of cocaine in Miami varies according to the person selling it and the person buying it and there past dealings,and of course it depends on your connections for cocaine and who you know and you knows you,and how much you buy,the larger the amount the cheaper price per kilo you pay ( Full Answer )

How much would a gram of cocaine cost?

$35 what state can u get a gram for $35, 1/2Gram $35 gram $70 2 Gram $105 3.5 grams ((((8ball))) $150 7 grams (((2,,8balls))) $275

How much does a pure bred horse cost?

As a true owner of a beautiful warm blood horse, I know that a pure bred horse can go anywhere to $10,000 to $100,000,000. If you are planning to in hand show, than a pure bred is a great horse for you!

How much zirconium copper alloy cost per kilo?

01/2011 Zr average retail prices depend on purity level & oxygen content: Scrap 20 - 40 €/kg Sponge 20 - 80 €/kg Crystal bar 70 - >1000 €/kg

How much money can you make off a kilo of cocaine?

Some where between 20k and 35k depending on where u live. In Niagara, Canada its 25-30k UK, £45000 a high quality kilo. easily cut 50/50 and charge £50 a gram so £40K-£50K profit isn't too difficult.

How much does 7grams of cocaine cost?

depends on where you are... south Florida is definitely cheaper than the pacific northwest, for example. 7g = 1/4 oz buying it as .25 oz is usually cheaper than buying it in individual grams (which you'll be stuck with doing if you're shopping in the hood). in south Florida the 1/4 oz - depending on ( Full Answer )

How much does pure cotton cost?

Plan on at least $3 a yard. It matters on what kind of cotton you get. Pure cotton may be hard to find. Some places say it's pure cotton, but mostly, that's not true. It may get expensive if you buy cotton at a fancy place. Remember plan on at LEAST $3 a yard. Good luck!!

How much does a kilo of opium cost?

depense of cuntry in spain is about 20 000 euro becose you make itthear but in germany is 60 000 but in italy is 40 000 all aboutqulity

How much does pure steel cost?

There are many different types of steel. It would depend on the specifications of the steel.

How much is ivory cost per kilo?

Buying and selling ivory is illegal, you know! You should never buy or sell any ivory. Ivory comes from Africa where poachers brutally hunt and kill elephants for their tusks, 25 000 elephants is killed every year illegally! The hunters use assault rifles and hand grenades to murder the animals. E ( Full Answer )

How much does a 1 kilo silver bullion cost?

A one kilogram piece of silver bullion will fetch around $638.51 in U.S. dollars according to the website 24hGold. It will be good to hold onto if you have a piece, because the price of silver tends to go up.