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Female ligers are known to weigh more than 700 pounds (320 kg).

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Q: How much does a liger weigh in pounds?
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How much does a liger weigh?

900 to 1200 pounds

How much does an adult liger weigh?

They weigh 900 pounds on average. But they can reach up to 1600 pounds, which is twice as heavy as a Siberian tiger.

How heavy can a liger get?

A normal non-obese liger weighs around 900 to 1000 pounds. However, a liger can grow and gain weight beyond that as well. The highest recorded weight for a liger was in Wisconsin. That liger weighed 1600 pounds. So my answer is that at maximum a liger can weigh around maximum 1600 to 1800 pounds. That is very huge.

Which is stronger a polar bear or a liger?

The polar bear is stronger because it weighs much more than the liger. Polar bears weigh much more than ligers since polar bears weigh 950 pounds to 1760 pounds. Ligers weigh about 800 pounds. Brown bears, like kodiak bears and alaskan brown bears, are also stronger than ligers.

How much does a baby liger weigh?

50 LBS

How much could a liger weight?

An adult liger could weigh about 300 to 600 kilograms.

What do ligers weigh?

The average weight of a fully grown male liger is about 1300 pounds.

What weighs 1000 pounds?

a liger can weigh a 1000 pounds. a liger is the combination of a male lion and a female tiger. it is the biggest cat on earth. a liger can be up to 12 feet tall on it's hind feet (that's bigger than an average ceiling). they usually weigh about 500 pounds eating 30 pounds of food a day. there about 100 ligers in the world.

How much does a baby liger weigh when born?

20 LBS

How much does a liger eat in a day?

20,000 pounds a day

If you weigh 48.3kilograms how much do you weigh in pounds?

You weigh 106.5 pounds.

Is there such thing as an 1000kg cat?

No. Liger can reach 1000 pounds, and tigers 600+, but no cat can weigh 1000 kg.

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