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about 14,000to25,000 hey

There is no figure on the salaries for freelance manga writers. Speaking with industry manga writers and those that freelance can give a range for yearly earnings.

Pretty much all shonen jump manga is really good but i recommend naruto, bleach and shaman king

How much a storyboard artist can earn in the UK is dependent upon the company, location and how much of a demand there is for such work. The starting salary is between 15,000 and 20,000 GBP which can double with experience.

depending on his paintings if there good or bad

Look on the internet man????

$49377.50 Average as of Salary.Com

2.7 million if you use paint :)

Well, are you a good artist or a bad artist? Alive or dead? What type of art? Visual, audio? Painting, graphic design?

You pretty much sit there in your studio and draw all day. Working on your manga. You can get up to pee and eat but no sleeping if you're near a deadline.

well niggkas they earn about 5,000 a year belive it or not dawg dey do!but it depends is u get request of drawing or w.e

It's all based on the company they pay based on sales to so theirs many factors

Salaries may range from around $15,000 to $45,000 a year.

A make up artist makes about 26,000 dollars a year in Arizona. Being a private make up artist or a celebrity artist may bring in higher pay.

Apprentices start at $26,000 +/- in USA; veterans earn up to $75,000 + annualy.

you most likely need to have graduated elementary school after that it depends how much of your time you dedicate to drawing

How much do you earn on a monthly basis for make up artist funeral homes

They get payed about 55k a month or if you work for the beno or dandy etc.its about 89k

A recording artist generally earns about one dollar per CD sold.

its not about the money, its about building credit at the DZ to do more of what you love...JUMP! Blue Skies

The salary of a professional makeup artist varies. Depending on location and status, make up artist can make over a six digit income. Income for this field is very open ended.

It depend what company they work for in Texas well i just researched it's $47,000 a year.

If you paid any attention at all, you would have known that there was no issue of Jump that week.

Mangas are popular in US but only those mangas done in Japan...In Japan writing and drawing manga is a good payed job, but in US I think nobody pays much money for manga artist...Reason in Japan children reads manga and if manga becomes popular than they make anime based on manga, than if anime becomes more popular than manga, they sell it world wide first stop US...Children and anime fans in US first saw animes like Naruto, Bleach DB etc, and than they heard bout manga on which those anime were based, so they want to read it to compare and see what was rooth of their favorite anime...So manga artist is prominent job in Japan, in US it is prominent to work for DC and draw superheros...