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1 ton

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Q: How much does a mouse weight?
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How much weight can a mouse lift?

The weight that a mouse can lift will depend on its size. It is estimated that mice can lift things that twice their body weight.

How much weight can a mouse carry?

six ounces

What is the weight of an average lab mouse?

About 20 grams but the weight varies from mouse to mouse.

How much does a baby mouse need to eat?

0.5% of its body weight.

What is average weight of a mouse in grams?

the normal weight of a mouse is 830 grams

How much does a deer mouse weigh?

The deer mouse also known as the Peromyscus can weight anywhere between 1 to 3 pounds.

How much does a mouse weight on Pluto?

An adult house mouse on Pluto would range from .938 grams - 1.876 grams. This is because an adult house mouse usually weighs 14g - 28g. The force of gravity of Pluto is 0.067. Just multiply the weight and force of gravity and you get the weight on that planet.

How much does Mickey Mouse weigh?

Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character and as such does not have any actual weight. But for some people he can look like he has weight when you see him at Disney World or Disneyland. He likes to hug people and that takes some weight.

How do you weigh a mouse?

Put the mouse in a small bag to stop it running away, weigh the mouse and the bag, deduct the weight of the bag and you have the weight of the mouse.

How much does a average mouse weigh in kg?

Mice are between 15-27g in weight depending on age/strain and diet. If we take 20 as an arbitrary average the mouse would be 0.02kg.

Would a mouse dehydrate faster than a cow?

Yes. Mice have a much higher metabolic rate than a cow does, which means a mouse has to eat more per body weight than a cow to keep it alive and able to move around. We have to look at how much a mouse and a cow drink on a per-body weight basis to see whether a mouse will or will not dehydrate faster than a cow will. We cannot compare how much a cow drinks or a mouse drinks per day in terms of gross volume, since these are unreliable numbers to work with. Thus, typically a mouse will drink 15% to 20% of its body weight in water per day. A cow, on the other hand, will drink 7 to 10% of her body weight in water per day. This is a huge difference, and shows that mice indeed will dehydrate faster than a cow will.

Weight of an average mouse?

7 ounces

What is the birth weight of a mouse?

it is 0.50-1.0!

What is a mice birth weight?

The weight of a newborn mouse is 1-2 g.

What is the weight of a mouse when first born?

what is the weight i am doing a project actually a sa

What is the weight of an average mouse?

A mouse weight is 16-27 grams. Size varies depending on type of mouse. A moose - Males weigh 1200 to 1600 pounds and females weigh 800 to 1300 pounds.

What is a mouse like creature that stores fat in its tail and eats as much as its own body weight?

I believe it be the fat tailed shrew.

Why is the elephant heavier than the mouse?

Cause it has a bigger mass than the mouse giving it more weight.

When does the elephant and a mouse become same in weight?

the moon

What is a reasonable unit to measure the weight of a mouse?


What is a marsupial mouse that can eat its own body weight daily?

The Dunnart is one type of marsupial mouse that can easily consume the equivalent of its own body weight daily.

How much does the Mickey Mouse roller coaster weigh?

There doesn't appear to be anything called the "Mickey Mouse Roller Coaster", there is the Gadget's Go Gadget Coaster in Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland but the weight of the coaster is unknown.

What is the average weight of the male African mouse?

10 pounds

What is the average weight of a mouse at birth?

About 3 -5 grams

Which would you use to weight a mouse grams or kilograms?