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between £250k and £1.2m dependent on seniority. Deloittes average partner take last year was in the region of £600k.

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Q: How much does a partner at big four accounting firm earn?
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How much does a partner at a big four accounting firm earn?

Roughly $400,000 a year, plus bonuses. It takes about 15 years to become a partner though, and apparently it's INCREDIBLY stressful (and there's some politics and corruption involved). The pay is NICE though

What are the four broad fields of accounting?

The four broad fields of accounting are:FinancialManagerialTaxationOther/Accounting-related

How long will I have to go to school to becoma a CPA?

Usually it requires a general four year degree plus at least 2 years as an understudy at an accounting firm. The test that one needs to take is not easy, and requires a lot of study. You will have to obtain your bachelors degree and then you can apply at an accounting firm as an understudy before taking the CPA exam.

Who counts the votes for the Oscars?

Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP, the big four accounting firm, counts the votes on behalf of the Academy. They have done this for over 70 years.

Distinguish the four phases of accounting?

Four phases of accounting is as follows:RecordingClassifyingSummarizingInterpreting.

Who is Spider-Mans partner?

actually, spider man never actually had a partner, he tried to join the fantastic four to earn money, but they told him that its a non-profit team, now hes currently in the avengers.

The 4 phases of accounting and their meaning?

four phases of accounting and their meaning

What is the 4 fields of accounting?

In accounting there are four main areas. They are as follows corporate accounting, corporate finance, public accounting and investment banking.

What is a four letter word for solid not easily moved?


What services does a CPA provide?

The CPA firm provides some combination of two or more of four types of services: accounting, auditing, income tax planning and reporting, and management advising/consulting.

What a four latter word for business?


Define the purpose of accounting and identify the four basic financial statements?

define and dicuss the purpose of accounting

What is the difference between a master of science in accounting and a master of accounting and finance degree?

Well in accounting they study the same amount and types of math as in finance but a master of accounting is specifically for accounting. You can use an accounting degree to enter finance and you will see a similar pay, how ever it is not the other way around. But with a specific degree in finance you have basically exact salaries but better chances of adcancing in the company. With both a master of accounting and finace degree imagine th huge salary, because with both degree position as a CPA, CFP, CFA, investment banker, money manager, and many other jobs will be perfect. Finance is more focus on money management but accounting looks at this and a lot more stuff. A masters in accounting is just in accounting and a master of accounting and finance is a masters in both. If you were originally majoring in accounting then finance is just a few more classes. Jobs such as investment bankers work crutal hours in a week, and money manager is competitive but managable hours with millions. There are other ways to make seven figures in finance but those two were the highest paid jobs. With an accounting degree if you make it to partner at a regular firm you will have nice hours and a 150k+ salary. At the big four accounting firms spread world wide like most firms their is more than one partner but their top make slaries range d from $200,000 to $3,000,000. My advise is to mager in both to find the highest paying nice hour careers their is.

Four functions of accounting?

There are many functions of accounting. The four main ones are bookkeeping, summarizing accounts, reconciling bank statements and giving financial status of an organization.

How long does it take a college student to get an accounting bachelors degree?

It generally takes four to four and a half years, or eight to nine semesters of full time credit loads, to earn one's bachelor's degree. See individual colleges and universities for more information.

What is a four letter word for a partner?


What is as four letter word for partner?


What is four stages in accounting?

4 stages in accounting....1. recording 2.classifying...3.summarizing...4.interpreting

Limitation of accounting rate of return?

outline four limitation of the accounting rate of return method of appraising new investment.

Four phases of accounting?

recording classifying summarizing interpreting

What are the four phase of accounting?

identifying measuring summarizing classifying

How many years does it take to get a PHD in accounting?

It generally takes 8 years of college to get a PhD in accounting. This includes a four year undergraduate degree and a four year graduate degree.

What are different types of accounting jobs?

There is management accoungint, pucblic accounting, government accounting, and internal auditing. You should become faamiliar with all four but try to speacilize in one.

How do I get to become financial analyst certified?

To become a financial analyst advisor, you must be prepared to attend a great four year university, majoring in finances and accounting, an well as governmental procedures.Also count on the ongoing training once you are hired with a firm.

What was the highest CPA grade ever?

John McInnis, an auditor at a Big 4 accounting firm in Houston, scored four grades of 99 - the highest score possible -- in the two-day, four-part CPA licensing examination, according to the Texas Board of Public Accountancy, the state agency that administers the test.