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How much does a pediatrician typically earn?

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Depending on the area, a pediatrician's yearly salary may be anywhere from $60,000 to $400,000.

According to a website listing typical payscales in the United States, a pediatrician typically makes a salary of $99,831 to $142,323 a year. A yearly bonus may range from $1,800 to $14,610. Profit Sharing adds $3,108 to $17,687.00 a year. Commission, if one is given, ranges from $155.50 to $18,245.00 per year.

The total Pay, therefore, with the various monies earned as listed above ranges from $102,034 to $149,670 per year. These figures do not include other forms of compensation, cash value of retirement benefits, or other benefits such as healthcare premiums.

Given the highest salary of $149,670 per year, this figure works out to more than $3,740.00 per a 40-hour week. However, most physicians work much, much longer than a 40-hour week unless they share duties with other physicians in a practice.

*If* a pediatrician worked only a 40-hour week at around $3,740+ a week gross income per week, this would mean a pediatrician at the yearly pay rate of $142,323 a year would earn, roughly, about $62.50 per hour before taxes.

One important point is that, like all physicians, pediatricians who accept insurance payments or States' Medicaid payments for services rendered often do not receive even 1/10 to 3/10ths of the total billed for services. For example, if a pediatrician charged $100.00 for an exam of a new patient, with a health-wellness check, the physician may only be paid $10.00 to $30.00 for that office visit. Medicaid pays the lowest of all coverages.

In addition, almost all physicians carry a heavy student loan debt after medical school graduation. It may take the average new physician many years to pay off hundreds-of-thousands of dollars of loan debt. Office overhead, staff salaries and insurance, as well as all income taxes come out of the office income (and so, out of the physician's pocket). License fees, CEUs, and travel expenses to seminars may decrease income as well. Malpractice insurance rates have continued to climb throughout the last 10-20 years and further impacts the physician's earnings.

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How much money does a pediatrician in Scotland earn?

£1,0000 a week

How much does a pediatrician earn in the US?

In the US, the typical pediatrician makes between 125,000-150,000 per year.

How much money does a forensic pediatrician earn?

A forensic pediatrician earns at least $50000. The exact amount will depend on the kind of organization that the pediatrician works for.

How much money does a pediatrician earn by the hour?

they get paid$56.21 an hour

How much does a pediatrician earn a year in the UK?

£7 grand in the nhs

How much does a pediatrician earn?

a pediatrician can average between $120,000.00- $200,000.00 but it depends on your education and how good of a doctor you are some pediatrician make more than that amount.

How much money does a pediatrician in private practice earn?

On average, a pediatrician in a private practice earns from $60,000 to $400,000 a year.

How much money does a bilingual pediatrician earn?

A regular pediatrician will probably not be able to earn as much money as a bilingual pediatrician! it is better if doctors know 2 languages so that if a teen is having problems and they speak only 1 language they can help out and not need a translater.

What is the least median and most a pediatrician earns?

The least a Pediatrician can earn is 60,000 a year. The average pediatrician makes 140,000 a year. The most a Pediatrician can earn is 400,000 a year.

How much money does a pediatrician earn in New York City?

about 113,000 each year

How much money does a pediatrician earn per hour?

Hourly Pay for a PediatricianDoctors (pediatrics is a medical specialty) do not generally get paid by the hour. They may charge by the hour, but the pediatricians themselves earn a salary or earn profits from the revenue of their medical business. See the related question to the right for more information on what a pediatrician earns.

How much money does a pediatrician earn in the second or third year?

To be honest i really dont know

How much does a PA earn?

They typically earn anywhere from 60-90 thousand

Do pediatrician and doctors have to earn the same degree?


How much does a Pediatrician in Canada earn?

The average Pediatrician salary in Canada is CA$130,000 annually. However, depending upon experience and health care setting, a pediatrician can average CA$60,000 to CA$200,000 annually.

How much does a doctor earn in a year?

it would depend on what the doctor does. if they do plastic surgery then they would earn more that a pediatrician. also it depends on which state they live in and where they work.

How much does a maybelline models make?

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How much do you get paid if you are a pediatrician?

Pediatricians earn upto an average of 120,00 to 140,00 dollars in a year. But it mostly depends on where you are working and what location you are working in. Not everyone gets paid the same as a pediatrician.

How much money does a pediatrician earn in London?

In US dollars, a pediatrician in London make about 161,000 dollars per year on average. The average monthly wage is around 13,000 per month.

How much money does a neuroanatomist earn?

A Neuroanatomist will typically earn between 40- 110K annual salary.

How much does a pediatrician earn mothly?

It depends on which insurance company (HMO) he works for. Physicians no longer operate their own practice.

How much money does a professional organizer earn?

Typically Professional organizers earn from $40 to $100 per hour.

How much do catalog models earn?

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How much do veterinarians earn in Nevada?

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