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I don't know how out dated that answer is, but pharmacists can easily clear upwards of $150,000/year--I've even heard of one that made $214,000 in their first year out. Graveyard pharmacists at the hospital inpatient pharmacy where I work make close to $70/hr, get paid for 40 but only work 35 hours/week. On average a pharmacist makes about $44.95 an hour. A Pharmacist salary is about $93,500. Also try going on

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Q: How much does a pharmacist get paid?
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How much does a pharmacist get paid in the military?


How much money do a pharmacist get paid in their first year?


How much does a pharmacist get paid at start?

1,000.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 us dollars.

How much does a person get paid if they own a pharmacist?

One cannot own a pharmacist. One can own a pharmacy.

How much do pharmacist get paid a each year?

1 cent an hour

How much does a pharmacist gets paid hourly?

The middle 50 percent earned between $83,180 and $108,140 a year for being a pharmacist

How Much Pharmacist get paid in Kuwait?

the average payout for graduates in kuwait is around KWD 250 (USD 887.57) per month, now think how much it would b for a pharmacist.... If u get an opportunity, do apply for there....!!

How much does a Pharmacist make a year?

around a hundred thousand per year. --also depending which state u are a pharmacist in, and years of being at a company can vary your salary as a pharmacist. up north usually gets paid more

What is the highest paid type of pharmacist?

Traveling Pharmacists

Does a pharmacist get paid weekly or bi weekly?

Bi weekly

What benefits do pharmacist get?

A pharmacist get benefits similar to what other professional people get. These typically include a savings plan, such as a 401(k), paid health care, paid life insurance, and paid vacation time. Most pharmacists also get paid sick days every year.

How much do pharmacist get paid in California?

Current CA rate for licensed pharmacist range from $45 to $55 per hour. Temp or on-call ( registry from placement agencies ) pharmacists receive $55 to $60 per hour.

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