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How much does a pilot boat captain earn?

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Between $45,000 to $65,000 a year

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How much money does a pilot earn per second?

They earn about $1000,000

How much money does an doctor captain earn?

what is a doctor captain?

How much does a space pilot earn?

A space pilot makes 500 dollars an hour

How much does a SA pilot earn per month?

How much does a pilort earn per month in s,a

How much does a boat builder earn?


How much do a co pilot earn a year?

a co-pilot earns 100-200k a year

How much does crab boat captain make?


How much do pilots earn?

an experianced pilot can earn up to 100,000 pounds this means flying internationally

How much money does pilot earn a year?

105 thousands a year

How much money does a pilot earn monthly in Bangladesh?

7000 taka

How much did twain earn as a riverboat pilot?

500 hundred a month

How much money does a boat builder earn?

A boat builder typically earns a great amount of money! A boat builder can earn anywhere from 150 thousand to 200 thousand annually.

How much did the captain earn on the titanic?

10 dollars a week

How much money does a helicopter pilot earn?

The median expected salary for a typical Helicopter Pilot in the United States is $78,757.

How much does a river boat pilot make?

Lowest 140k highest 325k

How much does a pillot earn?

if your a pro pilot you might get more than 100000 .

How much money do you earn being a pilot passenger plane?

thousands of dollars

How much does a cruise captain earn?

A cruise-liner captain earns an average of $153,379 per year.

How much does a builder earn in a week?

This depends on how much work they do. A hard working builder can earn about 100,000 pounds a month. I M GOING TO BE A PILOT!!

How much money did the movie Captain America earn?

63 million

How much does the captain of wycombe wanderers earn?

£676,000 per year

How much does airline pilot earn in Nepal?

i think 12 lakh rupee yearly

How much money does an airline pilot earn in Trinidad and Tobago?

$1,000,000 in a half of a second

How much does a short haul commercial pilot earn?

Captain 185000 aud , First officer 125000 aud plus allowances of approx 10-15k and 9 percent super, this is for the Boeing 737 in Australia

How much does the captain and crew of a cruise ship earn a year?

a year £150,000

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