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it depends on witch on i think but if ur a zipRecruiteru get about $80K-190K per yr

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Daisy Abraham

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โˆ™ 2021-04-08 13:17:55
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Momo Yaoyorozu

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more then i do...

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Q: How much does a podiatrist make?
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How much money can you make as a Podiatrist?

As a podiatrist, your starting salary is around $75,000. As you work longer, you can easily reach 6 digits and you can read more at

How much does a podiatrist get paid?

about $94,000

How much money does a podiatrist make?

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook the median annual wages were $113,560.

How much do podiatrist make in L.A.?

The average salary for Podiatrists in LA ranges from $130,789 to $234,901. Some make as low as $95,232 and some make as high as $500,000.

How do you pronounce podiatrist?

Podiatrist is pronounced po·di·a·trist  (puh-dahy-uh-trist).

What is a podiatrist?

Foot doctor!

Who treats feet?

A podiatrist does.A podiatrist specializes in feet.

How much money does a podiatrist earn in Melbourne Australia?

$95K average

Do you capitalize podiatrist?

No. When simply referring to a podiatrist, there is no need to capitalise it. It would be capitalised if it was part of a title on a sign, such as "T.M.Smith, Podiatrist".

How much does a foot doctor earn?

A foot doctor is known as a podiatrist. The salary they earn will vary depending on location and experience. The average podiatrist salary is $179,923 per year.

What part of the body does a podiatrist look after?

A Podiatrist looks after the human foot

Can you use podiatrist in a sentence?

A podiatrist has to undergo a lengthy process to become qualified.

What part of the body does the podiatrist work on?

Podiatrist practice in the disorder and maintenance of feet.Your feet

Where does a podiatrist work?

In UK a podiatrist can work in private practice or in the National Health Service

How much does a visit to a podiatrist usually cost?

A single visit costs $75.00 here in Canada.

What is a sentence for the word podiatrist?

Example sentence - The podiatrist recommended using an arch insert in her shoes.

What is a podiatrist job?

Podiatrist will study, diagnos, and treat of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower leg.

How much money does a podiatrist assistant earn?

The average annual salary for a podiatrist assistant is approximately 30,000 dollars per year. Podiatry assistant salaries are approximately the same as those of medical assistants in other fields.

What is the name for doctors who deal primarily with foot problems?

Podiatrist is the name of a foot doctor although they sometimes deal with occasional ankle and knee issues. A podiatrist can help you with pretty much any foot problem you are dealing with.

Is a podiatrist a doctor?

yes they are

What is a antonym for podiatrist?


What is the word podiatrist syllable box?

There are 4 syllables in the word podiatrist, divided as follows:po\di\a\trist

When was Lee Rogers - podiatrist - born?

Lee Rogers - podiatrist - was born on 1978-02-27.

How much money does a podiatrist earn in Ireland?

The average annual salary for a podiatrist in Ireland, West Virginia is $43,000. In Ireland, Indiana, the average is $58,000 per year, and in Ireland, Mississippi, the average annual income is $59,000 per year.

What is the difference between a podiatrist and a chiropodist?

Chiropodist is the British English version of podiatrist, which is the American English version of "foot doctor."