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How much does a pomerainan husky cost?



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Before buying one, you need to know that what you are getting is a horrably bred dog that is bound to have a slew of health problems. Huskies are generally medium to giant sized dogs, and pomeranians are small breeds. Only BYB's and puppy mills would ever breed such a mix. Also, be aware that a dog being advertised as a husky/pom mutt may have other breeds in their mix, or might not even really be a husky or pom!

You will not find any reputeable breeder.

That being said, your best bet is at a pound, where prices can range from free to $300 USD, and will often already be temperment tested, vaccinated, and neutered/spayed.

If you buy from a BYB there is no telling what they'll sell for. They may try to scam you with $1000 USD or they might just hand their pups out. But either case, the pups aren't likely to vaccinated or spayed.