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It depends on the size, age and condition of the pool, whether it's enclosed and how much decking is around it. If the pool is NOT in-ground, forget it. An inground pool that cost $20,000 might add about half that to the value of a home, on average.

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Q: How much does a pool add to your resale value in Florida?
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Does a swimming pool detract from home resale value?

This depends on buyer. If the buyer will use the pool and can afford to care for it the pool adds value. If the buyer will never use the pool, it is a liability and will reduce value.

Resale value of swimming pool?

Depends on condition size time of year quality

Does a pool increase the value to a home in Florida?

an inground pool increases the value anywhere in america.

Does adding a pool increase the value of your home if you live in Florida?

no home equity

How much does a swimming pool add to the value of a house?

That depends on the swimming pool and the location of the house.

Is a fredrick-willys pool table slate?

Some are slate and some are not. These are generally low end tables, and even the slate versions have little resale value.

What is the resale value of pool balls not made of Bakelite?

Unless the balls are made of ivory used pool balls have very little value. Balls go out of round as a result of normal play, and therefore a new set of cheaply made $30 balls is almost certainly superior for play than set that has had a lot of use. Ivory pool balls have sold for more than $200 apiece. If the pool balls are not collectible, such as ivory, they have little collectible value.

How much does a pool in a condo building add value to the units?

Your answer depends on your location. A pool in a Las Vegas building adds a different value -- and expense for upkeep, water and additional insurance, than does a pool in Toronto.

How much does adding a pool and spa increase the value of a home in PA?

that depends on the size and quality of the pool.

How much does adding a pool the value a home at Nebraska?

it loses value. value is supply vs demand. many people don't want a pool in their house, you eliminate that group from consideration thereby reducing demand.

How much does it cost to resurface 15000 gallon pool?

I have a 17,000 gal pool with a spillover hottub and was charged $4200 for the job by the contractor. He used Florida gem.

How much is the slate in a pool table worth?

The value is about $100, regardless of size, if it is in excellent condition. There is no resale value to the general public, because slate doesn't go bad. The only potential purchaser is a major retailer who may want the slate to be able to replace a set that was damaged in handling. The slate must be replaced as a set for multiple piece slate.

Will a Pool increase my property value?

It does but not very much. My Friends have a pool and I have a 1/2 acre larger lot and slightly smaller house and my appraises for more then their property with a pool

Who buys slabs of slate from pool table?

The slate has no resale value for pool tables, except to someone who has badly damaged slate (from dropping it, etc.). Most landscapers use slate regularly and are equipped to handle it. If it cannot be sold as replacement pool table slate (it must be in excellent condition of course and a matched set), the major landscaper is the best customer.

How much Diamond Brite is needed per square ft?

In Florida we only measure the floor of the pool. Lenght x width and you have the square footage for a pool. A 350sqft pool with a nice shell, without too many imperfections , will be done with 28 bags of diamond brite (80# bag). Premium Pool and Pavers, Clearwater, Florida 727 271 5975.

Does a Florida landlord have to have a pool safety fence?

Every pool in Florida needs to have a barrier or safety fence around the pool. An existing structure like a fence in some circumstances may count.

How much does a dive pool cost?

Need more specifics for what your definition of a dive poo is, in Florida a dive pool simple means a poo lat least 8' in depth

Does adding an in ground pool add to the market value of your home?

I would think it depends on what state you reside. Obviously if you live in Maine, a pool is not going to be used in the same way it would if you lived in Florida. And therefore wouldn't be much of an asset. I do know that regardless of where you live, homeowners insurance rates rise considerably when you have a pool. Our real estate agent says only in-ground pool adds a little value to home meaning you can get a little more for it. Above ground pools do nothing and actually can be hinderance because not everyone wants a pool. thankfully its is removable.

How much is the sea buckthorn and how much does it cost?

It is in florida and it is not that expensive, many people use them when traveling to Orlando. They have a pool and they also allow pets in the rooms.

How much value does a pool add to a house in Memphis?

This question cannot be answered without knowing the kind of pool, the associated structures i.e pool house, cabana etc., and the location of the property.

How many hours does a condominium pool pump must operate in Florida?

The hours of operation for a pool pump may not be in Florida law, but the condominium maintenance and use guidelines for the pool and its accessories are determined by the association that owns the assets.

How much water should evaporate from salt water pool in Florida?

1/4 inch a day. So 1 3/4 inch a week. I service salt pools in Florida.

What are swimming pool fencing requirements in Florida?


Is there a moon pool in sea world Florida?


What is Pool evaporation rate in Florida?

The Rate at which a pool evaporates depends on the relative humidity in the air surounding it.