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A single potato is one of the cheapest purchases you can make. In Australia, it would equate to about 20c, depending on the size and type of the potato.
Potato's cost $4.00 for a 5 pound bag.

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If one bag of potato chips cost 0.70 how much would 3 cost?

If one bag of potato chips costs 0.70, then three bags of potato chips will cost 2.1.

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How much does a pound of potato salad cost at a deli?


How much does a wendy's baked potato cost?

99 cents! :):)

How much did potato chips cost in the 1960s?

about 10 cents

How much does a sweet potato cost in the us?

Approximately $1.50 a pound.

How much does 10 lbs bag of potato cost today?


How much does a meat and potato pie cost?

none of ur business

How much do potato patch fries cost at kennywood?

Around $10!

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How much do potato wedges cost?

depends on where you buy then and what type you buy.It depends on what type of potato you use and how thick the wedges are.

How much does a sour cream and chive potato cost at Wendy's?

99 cents

How much do potato chips cost?

Potato chips come in a variety of brands, sizes, and kinds in which prices vary accordingly. The cost can be anywhere from four dollars up to eight dollars.

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potato orange sandwichs

How much did bag of potato chips cost in 1940?

probably around 15 cents

How much did a large bag of Lay's Potato chips cost in 1980?

about £1.25

How much does eight pounds of potatoes cost?

Depending on the type of potato and where you are, that could cost anywhere from 3 to 12 dollars.

Cost of potato today in UK?

18p per potato

How much does one potato cost?

In most grocery stores in the year 2014, one sweet potato costs about $1. If the store charges by pound, a pound of potatoes would cost a few dollars.

How much does a large bag of potato chips cost?

at an ace conviniance you can probably get it cheap ;p

How much do Jack n Jill's Potato chips cost in Singapore Dollars?

50c ents

What is the cost of 1 potato if 5 potatoes cost 1.89?

1 potato would cost exactly 0.378 which would be rounded up to 0.38.

How much does sweet potato cost in Australia?

As at July 2007, the retail cost of sweet potatoes was around two Australian dollars per kilogram.

Does a pound of potato chips cost more than a bag of potato chips?


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It was actually .98 cents. around 6.99

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