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How much does a professional massage cost?

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Professional massages cost about $60 for one hour and upwards. It depends on where you live, what type of massage you'd like, and what environment you choose; a spa, gym, doctor's office, your own home, etc.

You generally pay more at a spa due to the overhead, and a lower rate at a Dr. or Chiropractic office, where the rent is shared and massage is an adjunct to other health care. It can be as little as $30/hour and as much as $150/hour, and even higher.

The best value may be to go to an massage therapist who is in private practice. Therapists in private practice base their rates on the cost of living in their area. Another option is to see if there is a Massage Therapy school near you. They usually offer student massages in their student therapist clinics which are supervised by an instructor. These can sometimes be as good, and sometimes better, than a professional massage for about half the price.

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How do you give yourself a testicle massage?

Giving yourself a massage is not a professional massage so you can do it any way you like. In professional massage there is no such thing as testicular massage

How much does it cost per hour for a massage therapist in Tucson, AZ?

The cost of a massage therapist depends of the type of massage that you are getting. The cost also varies with every business location. However, the average cost per hour for a massage therapist in Tucson, AZ is around $85.

How much do massages cost?

The rate of a massage depends on the type of massage you get and when you are getting the massage. In a regular shop, you can expect to pay $45 to $50 for a 30 minute massage.

What is an oriental massage?

Oriental Massage is not a modality like Thai massage or Shiatsu. Oriental massage parlors are often offering illegal add-on and services to massage. Professional massage therapists would never say they do oriental massage. It pretty much means you can get a happy ending there.

What is the general cost of massage therapy?

The cost of massage therapy varies according to geographic location, experience of the massage therapist, and length of the massage.

How much does massage school cost?

Massage therapy schools usually cost in the $6,000 - $14,000 range. The price varies depending on how extensive the schooling is and how prestigious the school is.

Is it possible to massage yourself?

Yes, you can. But it is much better when another person does it, especially if they are a trained professional.

What is the correct term for a professional in massage therapy?

The correct term is massage therapist.

What impact does professionalism have on massage?

It makes it professional.

How much does a massage cost?

It really depends on where you live, but generally the average price is $60 for an hour. If you are interested in getting a better price, and willing to take a chance that it might not be quite as good, you could try going to a massage school student clinic. They will charge around $30-$35 for an hour massage. If you are lucky, you may even get a massage that's better than one from a professional. It's worth a try.

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What is a nude massage?

There is no such thing. During a professional massage, you leave on your underwear and you are draped modestly with a sheet and blanket.

Why does massage therapy in the home cost more?

Massage therapy sessions at a client's home or office may cost more due to travel time for the massage therapist.

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What kind of education is needed to become a professional massage therapist?

High school diploma and training from a massage school

do massage therapists have college degrees?

You do need a college degree if you want to be a professional massage therapist. There are certain credentials that all massage therapists must posess.

How much does it cost to become a massage therapist?

Generally between $5K and $9K for a fairly solid education.

How much money does a nail spa and massage make?

A nail spa/ massage cost arround 3,000 dollars in some places. It really does depend on the location. Hoped this helped!!!!