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How much does a radiator cost for a 1999 Mazda 626?


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I paid $125 online for a radiator for my 1998 Mazda 626 lx.

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I PAID $170 FOR MINE IN VA I paid $125 for a radiator online. Installed it myself.

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The cost to replace a 1999 Mazda Protege serpentine belt will vary depending on the cost of parts and cost of labor. The prices for the serpentine belt start at $14.56.

The cost to replace a radiator in an Infiniti will vary depending on the mechanic and the price of the radiator. It is estimated that is will cost about $400.

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It might cost as much as 600 dollars to replace the radiator in your Mitsubishi Lancer. This cost varies with the type of radiator that you choose and with your location.

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it cost about $75 in 1999

The radiator runs as cheap as $60-70 shipped on eBay

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A 1997 sadder and station wagon radiator is $900. The radiator cost approximately $700. The labor to install the radiator will be approximately $200.

A new Chevrolet Cavalier radiator will cost approximately $500. There is about four hours of labor to remove and replace the radiator.

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In 1999 it would've cost about 75 cents

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the shop said it would cost around 400.00,labor about 2 hours and fluids and radiator

The cost to replace a radiator in a Mercedes Benz C230 will depend on the cost of the labor, parts, and the year of the vehicle. The radiator costs approximately $124.50 for a 2003 model.

The cost to replace a radiator on a Jeep liberty is approximately $650. The cost includes $250 for labor. Prices vary from mechanic to mechanic.

If you mean the filler neck on the radiator, that requires replacement of the plastic tank on the radiator. If you have a mechanic pull the rediator and a radiator shop replace the tank with a new one and then put the repaired radiator into the car, it should cost about $225.00. That's $25 for the tank and gasket and the rest is labor. If you were to remove the radiator and take it to a radiator shop yourself and they fixed it and gave it back to you, expecting you to put it back in the car, that should cost about $80.00. Prices are approximate and these are what a shop in Florida charges.

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