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Depends on th size of the egg

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Q: How much does a raw egg weigh?
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Related questions

How much does a raw egg yolk weigh?

About 1/4 of an ounce

How much does a medium raw egg weigh?

1.7 oz. or 48.3 grams per average medium whole egg.

How much does a normal size raw egg weigh?

Average weight of standard egg with shell 58gms. Egg weights range from 35gms to 77gms. The shell is about 10% of the total egg weight

How much does a raw goose egg weigh?

I have some goose eggs here and they weigh about 150 grams whereas what are termed large chicken eggs usually weigh around 60 grams.

A hard boiled egg spins better than a raw egg why?

The raw egg has fluid inside and it wobbles when you spin it but a boiled egg is solid and it doesn't wobble so much as the raw egg

How much percent water is there in a raw chicken egg?

A raw chicken egg contains about 75% water.

How much does an brown egg weigh?

depends on the size of the egg!

How much does a bird egg weigh?

Depends what type of egg it is.

Which weighs more a raw egg or a boiled egg?

I believe the inside of an egg is a closed system, therefore the Law of Conservation of Mass would dictate that they both weigh the same.

How much protein does one raw egg contain?

One raw egg contains approximately 6 grams of protein and 75 calories.

How much does a humming bird egg weigh?

Depending on the variety of humming bird, an egg would weigh about as much as a small white navy bean.

What is stronger a boiled egg or a raw egg?

Raw egg.

How much does a hummingbird egg weigh?

As much as a penny.

How much do eggs weigh?

They weigh differently depending on what size the egg it is.

How much does an Emperor penguin egg weigh?

i have no idea how much an emperor penguin egg weighs

Why do hard boiled eggs float better than raw eggs?

They float better because they lose weigh. Hold the raw egg in one hand and an boiled egg in the other. Which one is lighter? Also it is cause by buoyancy.

How much does a swan egg weigh?

average egg size 340 grams

How much does a scrambed egg weigh?

Two ounces, if using a large egg.

What is the difference of a raw egg and a boiled egg?

A boiled egg is cooked and a raw egg is not cooked.

How much does a dinosaur egg weigh?

it depends

How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking the egg?

separate the egg from the shell first...then drop the "raw egg" on the floor and the raw egg will not crack!

What falls faster a boiled or raw egg?

a raw egg

Which will drop the fastest raw egg or a boiled egg?

the raw egg because the boiled egg is cooked and solid

How much does a medium egg weigh?

69 grams

How much does an average egg weigh?

1 oz