How much does a service dog cost?

For insurance purposes, service dogs costs $5,000-$25,000 for replacement.

This is the figure that is charged without any donated support, or as a fine to someone that kills or harms a service dog.

Most schools charge very little to the disabled recipient, from $1 - $500.

The school covers the costs of the dog through donations, grants and public assistance programs. A great many volunteers help train and raise the dog, further lowing the cash cost.

After assignment the cost to keep a dog is about $100 a month for pet food, treats and the occasional vet bill. Service Dogs must be bathed more often, usually weekly to be clean for public access.
The cost of a service dog depends on where you get the service dog from. Some agencies have the total cost covered by corporate donations. Others want you to raise some or all of the money to pay for the dog. If you owner train your service dog the costs involved are the purchase of the dog, the day to day care of the dog plus any training costs. (which will be the largest chunk of the expenses).I know about a institution (i:e where you can get service dog at a very affordable price.