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Now, the phone cost $225 from quite cheap from there...!<< yeah and the sidekick 09 cost $250 NOT cheap!

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How much does he sidekick cost?

the sidekick lx cost 174.99 with a plan with a plant 499.99

How much does a prepaid sidekick lx cost?

how much does sidekick pripaid.&lt;&lt; you mean prepaid anyway you can search on :)

How much is the sidekick lx 09 in plan?

right now it cost $130

How much is a sidekick lx?

i do not know

How much does the Sidekick LX 2009 cost?

175$ ish &lt;&lt; nope not even its 250$ ($249.99) its not that cheap

How much is the sidekick lx with 3g?


Which is better sidekick 3 or sidekick LX?


How much is the new Sidekick Lx?

$ 300 But If You Already Have T-mobile It May Cost $ 200 Or $2.25 Or If Yhu Already Have A Sidekick And You Want To Trade For Another Sidekick In Some Stores It May Cost $50-$100 To Trade

How much does the sidekick 09 lx blade cost?

`174 w. plan w/o like 400

Which cellphone is newer sidekick lx or sidekick 2008?

The sidekick lx is a new sidekick but the sidekick 2008 is way newer than sidekick lx. plus the sidekick 2008 is better than the lx because it has all the features that the lx has but it has more! plus in the sidekick lx you cant change shells while in the sidekick 2008 you can change shells to match your outfit our mood and you can even design your own shell!!! i have a sidekick 2008 and its the best sidekick i have ever owned!! well hope i helped. bye

Which cellphone is newer Sidekick LX or Sidekick 3?

The Sidekick LX is newer than the Sidekick 3 and it has more applications and stuff.

Which is better g2 or sidekick lx 2009?

sidekick lx 2009 sir

What was the first sidekick?

Sidekick black and white was the first. It was followed by sidekick color, sidekick 2, sidekick 3, sidekick ID, sidekick lx, sidekick slide, and finally sidekick 2008, and the new sidekick lx 2009 is coming out very soon

Is the sidekick lx better than the sidekick 2008?

YEs sidekick lx is better if your a male . but for a gurl i wud say sidekick 08 cuz of the smaller sizeee

How much does a prepaid sidekick cost?

a prepaid sidekick will cost about $150.00

Is sidekick lx a good phone?

Yes the sidekick lx is a good phone it has a better camera, new things, and its faster than the sidekick slide!

Which is better sidekick 2008 or lx?

i think the sidekick lx is better cuz it has more features dan the 08

Which phone is batter sidekick lx or iPhone 3g?

sidekick and iphone sidekick and iphone

How much does the sidekick 08 cost now?

U CAN FIND OUT HOW MUCH A SIDEKick cost by going to

In the wizards of Waverly place what cell phone does Selena Gomez use?

She uses the Sidekick 3, but they don't sell it anymore. You can get the Sidekick Slide, the Sidekick LX, the Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition, or you can get the newest versoin of Sidekick: the Sidekick 2008.

Is the sidekick lx newer than the sidekick 2008?

LX was from 2007, in 2008 they have released a newer sidekick. the sidekick lx was released in late November of 2007 the sidekick 08 well..haha. need i say more. overall it has been said that people are generally happier with the lx over the 08 version. gives any and every info needed on sidekicks :)

Does the sidekick lx have a touch screen?

No it is not!

Will you get the sidekick LX on your birthday?


What does lx mean in sidekick?


Sidekick lx themes?