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I DONT KNOW BUT I WANT TO KNOW! IM THE ONE WHO ASKED THIS QUESTION! haha but seriously i do want to know XD

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Why is Sonic burger called Sonic burger?

because its from sonic!

How much did a burger cost from burgerking cost in 1954?

A burger cost 25 cents cost in 1954 cost.

How much did a mcdonalds hamburger cost in 1983?

A burger at McDonalds cost .50

How much does it cost to buy a burger at Burger King?

You can find it for 1$.

How much did a Burger King burger cost in 1955?

18 cents

How much did a burger cost at Burger King in 1965?

35 cents

How much does the whopper cost from burger king?

$1.75 for just the burger

How much does a burger cost?


How much does it cost to buy a Burger King?

Why Burger King? Why not a WAL-MART?

How much did a cheese burger cost in 1914?

About a dollar per cheese burger

How much does a burger cost in Tunisia?

ABOUT 5.00

How much does a cheese burger cost?

About a buck at McDonald's, Jack-in-the-Box OR Burger King...

How much does the kookamunga burger cost?

I saw a video on you tube about this burger & on there they said it costs $25

How much does a Whopper Burger cost?

7 dollar

How much does a barbecue burger cost?

Depends where you buy it from.

How much money did a burger cost in 2000?


How much did a burger cost from Burger King in 1954?

When Burger King first opened they sold burgers and milkshakes for 18 cents!

How much was a McDonalds burger cost in 1955?

They cost about 15 cents in 1955

What is the cost of a trading license for a burger van in leicestershire?

how much would a street trades licence cost me for a burger van in the leicestershire area

How much did the Burger King hamburger cost in 1954?

Burger King hamburgers cost 19¢ in 1954. wow that's really cheap!

How much does it cost for a hamburger at Burger King?

The price depends on which burger, you want to order. Each burger has it's own individual price.

How much did a Mcdonalds burger cost in 1963?

15 cents

How much did a McDonald's burger cost in 1960?

5 cents

How much does a tripple cheese burger cost?

it costs money

How much was the average cost of a cheese burger in 1991?