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How much does a starting teacher make in philadelphia school district?


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As a starting teacher in philly, i can speak first hand.....

39,500 plus benefits that are pretty good... however if you live in the city you will only take home about 29,500 dollars after taxes. Philly wage tax is KILLING our city


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No. The School District of Philadelphia does not have a residency requirement. There used to be one, but it was eliminated about seven years ago.

School District of Philadelphia was created in 1818.

In the U.S. the average is $32,606, but it does vary greatly depending on the school district and if it is a pubilc school or not.

It varies from school district to school district.

No the district recommends the teachers in less you have a chartered school then the principle and the district picks the teacher

Tell the school district it's not right for a teacher to like you or go out unless youre not in school

The starting salary of any teacher depends on whether the teacher is working for a public or private school (and what kind of private school), a what state or country the teacher is working in, as well as the subjects the teacher is qualified to teach.

You can contact the School District of Philadelphia through their website. You can check for a phone number or e-mail address that would allow you to directly communicate with them.

Codes that schools use may vary from school district to school district. To find out what the codes in your district mean, ask a teacher or call the superintendent's office or your school.

Things a teacher might take into consideration when choosing a school district are pay scale and the student-to-teacher ratio. Also, they would want to choose a school district that's dedicated to the education of its students and has demonstrated it respects its teachers and their abilities.

a per diem substitute teacher is paid 90 dollars a day in this district. :)

$35,677 would be about the starting salary for someone with a Bachelor's degree. $40K starting for someone with a Masters. It goes up from there each year, but depends on the school district you are in - some pay MUCH better than others. In a very well paying district in the Northeast US, a teacher with about 10 years of experience and a masters degree is making about $70k a year.

A teacher in high school algebra will make around $50,000 a year. This depends on location and school district as well as private or public schools.

There are a total of 55 libraries in the school district of Philadelphia. These include the Free Library of Philadelphia, one of the largest public library systems in the world. Other libraries are the Andorra Branch Library, the Blanche A Nixon Library and the Bushrod Library.

A person may want to work for the school district because they want to work with kids. They may also have experience as a teacher or principal.

The School District of Philadelphia offers workers permit to minors. I'm not sure if that's what you meant though.

The working condition of a teacher depends greatly on the school district and the characteristics of the children being taught.

What an assistant pre-school teacher makes depends on a few factors - state, school district, private vs. public school, etc. In a public school in New York State, for example, a pre-school teacher may make approximately $45K starting w/ certification and a master's degree. Therefore, an assistant pre-school teacher may make approximately $20K. One's salary could increase with experience and college credits.

Just apply to your local school district. There are no specific requirements state-wide. Each district is different.

The salary for a New High School P.E. Teacher is 34,000, with a week vaction. (depending of the school.)

Associations are local organizations, and would vary from place to place. Contact the school or school district that you are asking about and find out whether they have a parent/teacher association.

usually a teacher starts off at about 10 dollars an hour it depends on the school though!

She is a ballet teacher at The Philadelphia School of Dance Arts and several other places in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs.

A school psychologist starting out fresh can make anywhere from about 50,000 to about 80,000 depending on the school district that hires him/her. There is a pretty broad range of starting salaries.

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