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Q: How much does a teenager get paid in a hair dressers?
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How much can you get paid for sweeping up hair in a salon?

you wont get paid much if anything most salons have the receptionist do it or the corporate salons make the hair dressers sweep up their own hair

How much does a hair dresser get paid?

It depends where you work. Different hair dressers offer different wages. Also it depends on how long you want to work for a day.

What is the average tip for hair dressers in New York City?

The average tipping rate for hair dressers in New York City is usually twenty percent of the overall price of services render to the customer. The tip can be paid individually to each hair dresser involved or to the main one that worked on the hair.

Do you tip when you get your air conditioner serviced?

No, they get paid by the hour. You tip service industries that don't make much money otherwise, like waitresses and hair dressers and tattoo artists and other similar jobs.

How much do hairdressers in Ireland get paid?

how much does a hair dresser get paid a year

How much do teenager get paid in a store?

well the federal minimum wage is $7.50

How much does a hair model get paid?

over £9000

How much do you get paid at McDonald?

I have been working at McDonald for about 2 years and i get paid $12.35 it's good payrate i guess for teenager.

How much is a hair boiler paid?

The average salary for hair boiler jobs is $45,000.

How much do hair stylist get paid at famous hair?

Minimum wage, + commission and tips!

How much would you get paid if you were a hair dresser?

£50000000 a year.

How much does a professional hair stylist get paid?

9.00$ dollars

How much does Mike the situation get paid for being on Jersey Shore?

He is paid in hair gel and steroids

How much does a hair stylest get paid?

The average salary for a hair stylist in the United States is $23,480.

How much do hair models get paid?

Hair models don't get paid, most of the time they just receive haircuts from the student which wouldn't come out as expected.

How much would you be paid in a hair salon?

You get paid 20-45,000 a year or more dependin on where you work

How much should a 13 year old model get paid?

i think $50.00 a teenager and $100.00 grown up

How much do hair stylist get paid?

Time experience and how good someone is influences how much they get paid. The median salary is $23,504 in the United States.

How much do a teenager get paid a week for 6.50 a hour and 4 hours a day?

you really need to give more details.

How much money do you get paid a week for a hair stylist?

like 25 dollars.....

I have nautrally curly hair i was wondering how i could get it really straight using a straightener Thanks for helping How do you get really straight hair using a straightener?

you need a really good straightener, theyre expensive, but its worth it... i paid $300, but it works like a charm, it takes a long time to straighten, but you cant be a bludger... also the hair dressers are good at straightening hair.

How much does a hairdresser get paid weekly?

Depends on the location of his saloon and experience and the job of the hair.

How much should a teen be paid to babysit?

a teenager should make about 140 maybe a little more depending on hoew long they work for.

How much will a hair stylist pay you for modeling?

Generally hair models don't get paid. They get a free haircut, blow dry, and/or style as payment.

Did Kane get paid to cut his hair?