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A Tiger Shark can eat 40 pounds of food a day !

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How much food does a tiger shark eat per day?

Tiger Shark Dont Usually Eat everyday But Sometime some day!

How much food a tiger shark eat in a day?

6kilo's meat, fish, and other things

Does a tiger shark eat a anaconda?

The tiger shark will eat the anaconda.

How much food does a shark eat each day?

It Depends on what type of shark it is. But the answer varies because no shark is the same. For example a tiger shark could eat 40lbs. of food but another could eat 57lbs. see how the answer varies.

Can a great hammerhead eat a tiger shark?

Yes they can if the shark is big enough they can eat the tiger shark

Does a tiger shark eat an octopus?

Yes. The tiger shark can eat almost anything that lives in the ocean, and is smaller than the tiger shark is, and it can certainly eat an octopus.

How much food does a tiger shark eat?

whatever they find

How much can a Siberian tiger eat a day?

How much can the Amur tiger eat?

Can a shark eat a tiger?

that depends on the size of the shark and if the tiger is in the water

Can a tiger eat a shark?

If the shark was in shallow water and no place to escape, Yes a tiger could mostdefiantly eat a shark.

Do tiger shark eat whales?

no the tiger shark is afraid of the whale shark, but eats almost everything.

Does a tiger shark eat tiger sharks?

not really

What is more deadly tiger shark or great white shark?

the tiger shark is more deadly because the tiger shark is more likely to attack. Tiger sharks will eat anything.

Can a shark eat a shark?

Yes. A big shark like a tiger will eat other baby tigers or rays which are in the shark family

Does a shark eat a tiger shark?

thear are some sharks what are stronger then tiger sharks such as bull shark and great white sharks

How much does a shark eat in a day?

allot of food

Can a tiger shark eat viperfish?

No,so eat your cookies.

Does a tiger shark eat each other?


What fish a tiger shark eats?

A tiger shark, and any shark really, aren't picky eaters and they'll eat most types of fish.

Do killer whales eat tiger sharks?

yes the can but also a tiger shark can eat a killer whale

What can eat tiger sharks?

Somthing that likes the taste and can kill a tiger shark

What is a tiger shark nicknamed?

The Tiger shark nickname is the garbage can of the sea.the will eat almost anything that gets thrown the sea.

How much does a goblin shark eat?

2-12punds a day

Does anything eat a tiger shark?

yes,sometimes people who eat shark fin soup or other sharks

Do tiger sharks eat tigers?

No. They are only called tiger shark because of the markings they have. A tiger never gets into the ocean. If your logic followed through then a hammer shark would use or eat hammers.

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