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How much does a train locomotive cost?

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About 1 to 3 million US$ for modern diesel-electric, depending on power and technology used.

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Would an electric train use a locomotive?

Yes an electric train uses a locomotive.

How much did a steam locomotive cost in 1830?

About $20

How much does a WCAM3 locomotive cost?

220 crores

Is a locomotive a train?


What does a locomtive steam train do?

The locomotive pulls the train.

What is the adjective form of train?

If by 'train' you mean a railway locomotive, then the answer is 'locomotive' e.g. At the turn of the 20th century the transport infrastructure was centred around the locomotive industry. If by 'train' you mean the verb to practise then I can't help you.

Is locomotion the same as locomotive?

no it is not. a locomotive is a type of train locomotion is a type of movement

Why is the locomotive train so slow?

Which locomotive?The French have topped 360 mph.

How heavy is a train locomotive?


A train is powered by what power?

A locomotive

Precipitation on a locomotive?

Rain Train

What is the real name for the front part of a train?

A locomotive is what supplies the power. A locomotive can in itself be considered a train depending on its function. A cowcatcher!

How much do train drivers earn?

Average hourly wage of Locomotive Engineer and Operator is $25.88.

What is a hinky pinky for primary locomotive?

The hink pink for primary locomotive is main train

How wide and tall is a train locomotive?

A train locomotive can get up to 6 ft wide from side to side and be around 11 ft tall.

What was the name of the first train?

The name of the first train was a locomotive. A locomotive is fueled by burning combustible coal, oil or wood to produce steam.

What do you call a person who drives a train?

The locomotive engineer drives the train.

What is the difference between a steam train and a train?

What type of locomotive pulls it.

Captain is to ship as what is to train?

engineer or locomotive engineer (US, Canada, New Zealand) engine driver, train driver, locomotive driver, or train operator (UK, Australia, and South Africa )

What pulls a train that starts with an L?


What is a locomotive steam engine?

I believe it is a train.

Another word for train?

Caboose locomotive

What was an iron horse?

a train (steam locomotive)

What is an engine that draws a train?

The engine or locomotive.

Why was the engineer driving the train backwards?

He had a locomotive. ........................