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This is a great website from Radio Lounge that lists average radio advertising costs in various cities. They are a radio advertising agency out of Houston.

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Q: How much does advertising cost on the radio?
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How much radio advertising in the Philippines cost?

The cost of radio advertising, in the country of the Philippines, is dependent upon the location of the radio station. Advertising can cost as little as $10 and is much as thousands of dollars.

How much does radio advertising in the Philippines cost?

The cost of advertising will vary. It will depend on how many ads you want to run, what time they will run, and what company you go through.

How much did the first radio cost?

how much did the first radio cost how much did the first radio cost

How much does advertising cost a year?

depends what your advertising

How much does advertising cost in a newspaper?


How much did the first radio cost in the late 1800s early 1900s?

how much did the radio cost in the 1800s how much did the radio cost in the 1800s

How much money does a food advertising campaign cost?

Food advertising campaign costs vary. This is due to the type of product it is and the medium that they are advertising in. This could include television advertisements, flyers, radio commercials, newspapers internet advertising which all cost varying amounts. It is likely that millions of dollars are spent for products by companies.

How much does internet advertising cost?

It can cost you nothing or it can cost you alot. It depends on what techniques you use for advertising. Some are costly and some a free.

What is the difference between radio and TV advertising?

Radio advertising is just words,and tv advertising has words and picture.

How much does it cost for advertising in Kenya?

KSH. 300,000

How much does advertising in England cost?

The cost of advertising in England is similar to the cost of advertising in the United States. It depends upon the size and medium of the advertisement. It can range from 500 Euro to over 6,000.

How much did a radio cost in 1980?

a radio back in 1980 cost 900 dollars.

Does the newspaper reach a large population at a relatively low cost?

Maybe. That's the plan, anyway. Successful newspapers have high circulations and advertising that covers the cost of production and distribution. In terms of actual cost, radio and television reach larger audiences, but as media for advertising, they are also priced much higher.

How much does advertising cost on the Internet?

ranging from 50p to $10,000 !

How much is advertising space cost in a baseball stadium?

A lot

How much does advertising on TV cost in India?


What is the average cost for radio advertising?

Varies depending on where you broadcast and if your going local or larger scale and at what time it airs

How much does adwords advertising cost?

Adwords advertising can cost a variety of prices. The cost depends on several things, such as what is being advertised, how competitive that market is, and how long you run the ad for.

How much do web advertising agencies cost?

The cost depends on the agency, and what kind of advertising you are looking for. Normally a major advertising house will only be interested in a large account (4 or 5 figures).

Is car wrap advertising cost effective?

Yes car wrap advertising can be very cost effective depending on the type of advertising you need done and how much needs to be done for it to be less costly

How much does it cost to play a radio per day?

if your radio is on batteries it won't cost you anything (except or the price of the batteries) if you have a solar radio it will cost you nothing

How much did a radio cost in 1955?


How much did a radio cost in the 1950s?


How much does radio cost from scrapyard?


What is an example of radio advertising?

An example or radio advertising is when you hear a commercial on the radio for a certain store, they will give you some info like their address and phone number. Usually they take up at least half the radio time with commercials because advertisers pretty much fund the radio station.