How much does an agent cost?

If an "agent" tries to charge you upfront it's a scam! It shouldn't cost anything for your child to find an agent. They only get paid if their client does, by getting a percentage of their earnings. This amount should NOT exceed 20% which is actually high. The avaerage is anywhere from 10-15%.

That is why it can be difficult to obtain a legitimate agent since they need to believe in the talent of their clients and that they are marketable enough to make the initial investment that the agent will likely make profitable. REAL agents receive many requests for representation and must turn away a great deal of them. So a child must be more than just cute and charming they need to legitimately stand out and the parent must be HUMBLE and willing to let the agent take the lead in many areas. A hard to work with or (stage parent)parent is worse than a spoiled child star! If your son or daughter wants to pursue entertainment, continue to do your homework and watch the people who are after your wallet they can smell desperation and will exploit you and your child if your not careful. * 1 year ago