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How much does an airplane mechanic make?

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Working on small single and twin engine planes $10-$20hr. Business class jets and turbo props 40-50Kyr. Large transport catagory-Airbus, Boeing-45-80Kyr

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What does an airplane mechanic do?

make and fix airplanes

How much does an airplane mechanic makes?

10-18 dollars and hour to start...

Who makes more money an airplane mechanic or a school teacher?

an airplane mechanic because going to school is free.

What are some related occupations for an automobile mechanic?

Maybe a truck mechanic, or an airplane mechanic.

How much does a mechanic assistant make?

Less than the mechanic.

How much do Mechanic make?

they make up to 30,000 a year

What benefits does an airplane mechanic get?

they get the benifit of getting money, learning how to be a mechanic and the education of helping aeroplanes fly!

How much does an airplane mechanic make for Menards?

18.50 starting, $1 for night shift extra, $2.50 weekend shift. $.75 raise every six months. It's ok pay.

How much do mechanic make in a year?

average pay for diesel mechanic is 40,000 in a reputable comany

How much does an airplane driver make a year?

They can proberly make 35k

How much does a journeyman mechanic make?

how should I know

How much does a diesel mechanic earn?

I live in ohio an i am head to school for diesel mechanic an i wonder how much would i make a year??

How much does an airplane engineer make?

loads or millions

How much does an airframe and power plant mechanic earn?

The middle 50% of people employed as Airframe & Powerplant mechanic makes anywhere between 18 to 28 dollars an hour.

Airplane mechanic salary?

$20 to $30 thousand dollars a year

What do you call a person who works on the airplane?

airplane mechanicpilotco-pilotcaptinair hostessmanagercook

How much money does a boat mechanic make?

They make 5,000 to 8,000 a month

How much do a mechanic make a week?

mechanics make about 150,ooo a week!

How much do airplane mechanics get paid?

South Florida A & P Mechanic with 5 years experience makes between $17 and $21 an hour.

How much does an automotive mechanic make?

you roughly make forty dollars an hour to start out. then you make fiffty dollars a week as a middle class mechanic. and as a top mechanic you should make seventy-five to one hundred dollars an hour

How much money does a bicycle mechanic make?

Around 25K

How much does A mechanic make in the army?

its depends on the rank of the soldier

How much does a Nissan mechanic make?

$36,387 according to

How much does a space shuttle mechanic make?

200000 a year

How much money does a diesel mechanic make in Oklahoma?