How much does an all day pass for Cedar Point cost?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: How much does an all day pass for Cedar Point cost?
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How much is a two day pass to cedar point?

Ride & Slide Two Days/Two Parks Regular ticket cost $82.99 and for Junior/Senior it is $45.99. If you stay in a Cedar Point hotel then it cost $68 for a two day ticket.

Can you use a Kings Island pass to get into Cedar Point?

You cannot use a regular King's Island pass at Cedar Point. However, if you buy a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass, it can be used at any Cedar Fair park, including Cedar Point.

Can you get into cedar point with a carowinds season pass?

No, to get into all Cedar Fair parks you need a Platinum Pass, A Carowinds season pass will only admit you to Carowinds.

Can a person buy a pass at cedar point before the park opens?


Can a person renew their cedar point pass at the park before the park opens?


How much does a season pass to cedar point cost?

regular- 109.95 U.S. dollars(48 inches or higher) four pack- 109.95 U.S. dollars( 48 inches or higher, must be ages 3-61,every 4 you buy for this one, you get 5$ off each pass!OMG!........okay probably not OMG) seniors and children-Valid for guests age 3 & older who are under 48" tall (Junior) OR age 62 & older (Senior). (This pass is not valid for anyone 48" tall or taller who is under age 62. A Regular Cedar Point Pass is required.) cildren 2 and under are free and do not need a pass

Can you go in and out of Cedar Point with one parking pass?

yes, just don't loose it to get back in

When using a season pass at cedar point do you have to show id?

No, the season passes contain a barcode where, when scanned your photo appears.

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