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Q: How much does an angelfish weigh?
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How much do angelfish weigh?

Depending on the size of an angelfish, it may weigh a few grams to about nearly two kilograms. The two kilogram size is quite unusual.

How much do angefish weigh?

A Queen Angelfish can get up to 3.5 lbs

Is the Angelfish the same as the Queen Angelfish?

No it is not, as you can see, the queen angelfish is much more colourful. The angelfish is just black and white. Except for the male, it is colourful but not as colourful as the queen angelfish.

How much light do angelfish need?


Is an emperor angelfish an angelfish?

The emperor angelfish, Pomacanthus imperator, is a species of marine angelfish.

What is an angelfish called?

an angelfish is called an angelfish that's all

What kinds of fish are compatible with angelfish?

There are not many fish that are compatible with Angelfish. Only Angelfish are truly compatible with Angelfish.

What is the angelfish?

The angelfish is a breed of fish.

Does an angelfish have an exoskeleton?

No, an angelfish does not have an exoskeleton.

How is a parallelogram a trapezoid?

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How much will a fish tank cost for a angelfish and a goldfish?

50 dollars

Do aquarium angelfish get lonely?

Yes, they do. Angelfish love to socialize with their mates, or other angelfish.

Do angelfish migrate?

angelfish do not migrate in winter

What are angelfish eaten by?

angelfish can be eaten by squids

How does an angelfish get water?

Angelfish live in water. They do not get it.

Are angelfish dangerous to people?

Angelfish are not dangerous to people. There are freshwater and saltwater angelfish. The freshwater angelfish grow to a size of a few inches, while the saltwater angelfish can grow up to 12-inches.

How much does a full grown Panther weigh?

How much does a Florida panther weigh?

How much does a grey aliens weigh?

how much does a alien weigh

Do angelfish shed their skin?

No. Angelfish do not shed their skin

When do angelfish mate?

angelfish mate in early summer

Can angelfish be eaten?

Yes they can by a female angelfish after mating

Does an Angelfish have a light on its head?

No, angelfish do not have lights on their heads.

What are the uses of angelfish?

Angelfish release gas with their fins.

Can angelfish live in fresh water?

Freshwater angelfish can.

How much did a triceratops weigh?

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