How much does an oil change cost at Jiffy Lube?

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To answer your question, in the Baltimore area it runs around $30 - $35 for the conventional oil signature service, the price goes into the mid $40 area for a synthetic blend, SUV oil or a high mileage oil signature service and then there is the full synthetic oil signature service that is from around $50 - $65.
In 2014, a full-synthetic oil change with oil filter at Jiffy Lube cost me $77 before taxes and a discount coupon. This is $42 more than their conventional oil change. They offer a synthetic-blend oil change as well. These prices are not easy to find online.

It is really hit or miss with Jiffy Lubes. Some of them are great, some of them not so much. I worked at 2 different Jiffy Lubes and I would trust the crews that I worked with, I don't know how they are now since it is 4 years later.

Do some research on the Jiffy Lubes in your area, search every possible way. Don't know if this is possible or not, look them up at your local BBB.

Some people will tell you to stay away from Jiffy Lube and all other chain lube shops because you may be trusting your expensive engine to an untrained lube jockey, but as someone who worked their way up from Lube tech to line mechanic at a GM dealer, there is no guarantee that you won't get some nube lube tech at a reputable dealer either. The dealers actually gives their techs less time (than say Jiffy) and they are working alone and they do not implement a check system like Jiffy.

On the other hand I drove away from a Jiffy Lube last month with the fender protectors still attached to my truck. I kept them (handy).
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Why does it cost so much to get your oil changed in the 2006 Sadona?

Spendy Oil Change 2006 Kia Sedona . \nThe reason why it costs so much to change the oil in your 2006 Sedona is because 1) It takes 6 quarts of oil to maintain the engine, unlike more conventional V6 engines which only require 4 quarts. and 2) Kia uses an internal oil filter, which is super easy t ( Full Answer )

How much does an oil change cost?

on average around $10 but people have been known to charge Bill Gates $50 million for one, so it kind of depends on how nice your car looks... So get a really crappy car people!

How long does an oil change take at Jiffy Lube?

DO NOT HAVE YOUR OIL CHANGED WITH JIFFY LUBE! My engine blew as a result of their carelessness, and I have been in a dispute with Jiffy Lube, as well as Nationwide Insurance for over two months!. In fact I even sent an email directly to the president of Jiffy Lube International, Luis Scoffone, who' ( Full Answer )

How much does Jiffy Lube pay per month?

Starting is usually 8-9 dollars, but can be up to 9.50 or 10 dollars. However, the higher your starting pay, the lower the increment of your raises.. Assistant managers make around 12-13 dollars an hour, and managers make a set yearly wage..

Has anyone had problems changing the oil filter on a 2007 Volvo S-40 Jiffy Lube says that can't do it.?

Answer: . The 2007 Volvo S40 oil filter is a cartridge type filter that drops into a housing. Although I don't have personal experience changing the oil filter on this type of car, I have sold a few recently to do-it-yourselfers who haven't reported any problems changing the filter. If Jiffy Lube ( Full Answer )

How much does an oil change cost on a lamborghini gallardo?

Typically it costs $1400 from Authorized Lamborghini dealers. Then there is local shops that can do the oil change like here . $375 for a 7,500 or $1400 for a 15,000

How much does an oil change cost in Canada?

It depends where you go. Walmart charges under $20 but the brand of oil they use is cheap and could possible do more harm to your vehicle then good. Jiffy Lube, Mr. Lube and The Great Canadian Oil Change charge between $40-50 for a basic oil change, but be prepared to fight them off with a stick whe ( Full Answer )

How much does it cost to change the oil in a 2000 Volvo s70?

\nGo to any oil change center. Price is usually no more than any other car. Occasionally, they will charge a few extra dollars due to the extra partial quart or so the S70 requires. \n. \n2000 S70 owner in NY.

How much does an oil change cost at walmart?

29$ for the lowest oil quality and filter. 39$ for a better oil quality and filter. 49$ and up for the advanced oil depends on the oil you want. If you want just the service it used to be 12$ but today they charged me 18.55$ Check your store for an accurate price because prices may vary.

How much does a oil change cost in California?

Depends on who you go to. One of the fast oil change places they can range from 20-40.00. A dealership is much more 50-100.00. Sometimes you can find coupons in the newspaper to bring the cost down.

Why does it cost so much to do an oil change on an enzo ferrari?

That answer depends on what city your local ferrari dealership is in, if its in California it would be more expensive than the one in Orlando Florida. but either way you have to have it done by a dealer because you cant buy the oil or filter anywhere other than a dealership

Is Jiffy Lube good?

Jiffy Lube is a franchise outlet, and like all franchises depends on the people who oversee the work, and do the work. - Your local one may be the best in USA , -or it could be quite mundane. Mine has one good guy and a few kids who know nothing.

How much does an oil change at Pep Boys cost?

You should do it yourself. It's not that hard. Just take off the oil cap on top. Buy a oil pan. Stick it under the car. Jack up the car. Take off the oil drain bolt. Let it drain 10-15 minutes. Take off the old oil filter. Get a new one and put a film of new oil on the new oil filter seal and instal ( Full Answer )

How much does an Oil change on 2007 BMW 525i cost?

The 525 requires full synthetic oil. So you are looking at around 65-75 dollars at NTB or Firestone. If you want to do it at the dealership it will cost you around 110.00.

How much does a oil change cost at valvoline?

I have a 1998 Dodge Durango 5.2 L V8 Magnum. it cost me $40.13. For 5 quarts. The range in oil prices are, the lowest is $40 and the more expensive one is $70

Can Jiffy Lube refer your business for extra income?

I run my own Windshield Repair Business, and i have 2 local Jiffy Lube locations here where I live. Idk about all Jiffy Lubes, but is it possible for Jiffy Lube to refer customers to my business and in return, I give them a certain percentage of the profit from the job? I hear considering they are a ( Full Answer )

Does jiffy lube pays weekly?

No, Jiffy Lube pays bi-weekly. The work week is Thursday through Wednesday, so you recieve your paychecks every other Thursday, and on the third Thursday of every month, if your store recieved a bonus, that will be delivered to your store along with your regular paycheck.

How much does an oil change cost at express oil change?

If your vehicle does not have a special canister oil filter, does not require synthetic oil, takes less than 6 quarts of oil, and is not a diesel, a full service oil change will run you around $41.99 if you live in the Birmingham, AL area as of 06/13/2011. They also have Ladies Day every Tuesday ( Full Answer )

How much does an oil change for a 2004 Mercedes e320 cost?

0w40 MOBIL 1 8.5qts x 8.99 = 76.42 High quality OIL filter 18.08 *labor 40.50 shop charge/disposal fee 1.50 tax 8.10 TOTAL $144.60 *labor includes splash guard removal, NO DIPSTICK so you must check oil level through on board computer, set tire pressure, and reset of service light wit ( Full Answer )

Does Jiffy Lube change thermostats?

No, Jiffy Lube does not replace thermostats. They only perform preventive maintenence services. You will have to go to a full service shop, such as Firestone or NTB to have a thermostat replaced.

Is the signature oil at jiffy lube better than cheaper oil?

No it isn't. It is not a signature oil you are getting it is a signature service you are paying for. Most jiffy lubes in New jersey use Pennzoil motor oil other Jiffy lubes use other oils like valvoline etc so you do not get the same oils at every Jiffy Lube. You can go to many other places l and ge ( Full Answer )

How much does an oil change at Goodyear cost?

10$ approx Depends on where you live and what you are driving, but I can assure you it will be way more than $10. In my area it costs $45 for a 4 cylinder car.

Why would dashboard brake light be on after Jiffy Lube?

which light is it? brake light for e-brake? abs? hope you aren't driving with it on. don't know if mechanic caused this to come on or if it just happened to be correct timing of a problem with it. If you took your car to jiffy lube I am not surprised. Jiffy lube has been in trouble for not doing the ( Full Answer )

How much does oil change for BMW 5 series cost?

What year 5 series and which engine? Prices vary depending on where you live too. Newer BMWs specify synthetic oil. Diesel models use slightly different oil. US BMW dealer prices are about $130 to $140 UK BMW dealer prices range from about £139 to £179. Independent mechanics charge sl ( Full Answer )

Is the jiffy lube transmission fluid change sufficient for maintenance on Honda accords?

Only if they use genuine Honda transmission fluid. Most of the time they don't. They use generic Dexron fluid because it's cheap. Then they add a bottle of friction modifier to match the friction characteristics of Honda. Honda has a special transmission fluid and if you don't use it, you can void y ( Full Answer )

How much does an oil change cost from PepBoys?

A standard oil change at PepBoys costs $24.99 which includes Up to 5 quarts of Conventional Oil, Oil Filter replacement, 25 point Safety Check, and a FREE Pressure Check.

What services does Jiffy Lube offer?

Jiffy Lube is a chain of over 2,000 businesses in North America offering oil changes and other automotive services. The company is based in Houston, Texas, and is a subsidiary of Shell Oil.

Where are Jiffy Lube locations near Ralston Nebraska?

There are three locations within 3.1 miles of Ralston. The first is at 4104 S. 84 Th St. in Omaha, the second is at 925 N. Adams St. in Papillion NE and the third is at 2705 S. 114 th St. in Omha, NE.

How much is a wheel alignment at Jiffy lube?

The price of a wheel alignment at Jiffy Lube will vary fromlocation to location as well as the make and model of the vehicle.Prices for a wheel alignment range anywhere from $40.00 to $80.00.

Where can a person go to find Jiffy Lube coupons?

A person can go to find Jiffy Lube coupons from Retail Me Not, and from Jiffy Lube Los Angeles websites. Jiffy Lube is a service oil change that one can use to maintain and clean important parts of a vehicle.