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Auto insurance rates depend on several factors, from your age to the type of car you are driving. An average amount for auto insurance in California would be between $2,000 and $3,000 per year.

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Q: How much does auto insurance cost for a new driver in California?
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What is the average cost of a California auto insurance quote?

California has some of the highest insurance rates in the nation. You can get free auto insurance quotes at

What providers offer low cost auto insurance in California?

Some great companies offering low-cost auto insurances in California include "Allstate", "Geico", "The General", "State Farm", "Auto Insurance Specialists" and "Nationwide".

Where can a person find cheap auto insurance in California?

One can find cheap and quality auto insurance at an insurance agency call Cost U Less auto insurance. They have cheap prices with quality insurance for customers.

Can you get auto insurance if you have not had auto insurance?

( maybe it will help you

How much is auto insurance going to cost for a first time driver?

about $100 a month depending on the state

Does insurance go up with a turbo charged car?

Not necessarily. The driver's age and driving record are more relevant to the cost of auto insurance.

What is the expense of an auto owners insurance?

It depends. There are many conditions that weigh in the cost of one's auto insurance. A person's age, location, gender, car type, and whether or not you are a good driver.

What are some tips to get cheaper auto insurance?

Some tips that are given to receive cheaper auto insurance include the type of insurance policy, reduce your risk reduce your cost, and being a good driver in general.

Which companies offer affordable auto insurance to young drivers?

Auto insurance prices for young drivers are based on many factors. Is the driver a male or female, does the driver have good grades, does the driver live in a city or out in a rural area. All of these are factors in determining insurance rates. For the lowest cost, a young driver would probably do best to try to get insurance through their parent's insurance bundle.

What can a California driver do to qualify for cheap car insurance?

California has some very high insurance rates. It is very important to avoid tickets and accidents to keep cost low.

What is the standard price for auto insurance?

The national average for car insurance was reported as $795.00 in 2007, and since then the rates have climbed. The statistics vary from state to state, city to city, and driver to driver. Many things such as driving record, age, and income can affect your auto insurance cost.

Does auto insurance for an accident prone driver cost extra?

Yes it does. Insurance companies are in business to make money and if somebody has a proven driving record of being unsafe, the policy will cost more. As he proves to be a safer driver, his premiums will go down.

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