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Of course young girls, just like young guys are physically attracted to the opposite sex, but that doesn't mean the guy/girl has to be a #10, because "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." Haven't you seen a friend that thinks her boyfriend or his girlfriend is the best looking ever, but you can't see the same thing they do? Chemistry is really what makes the world go round. Some girls like heavier guys and think of them as "teddy bears" while other girls like tall guys who are muscular and slim. The older we get (into the early 30s) the smarter we are, and personality seems to be the most important thing going if the person is smart. If you are worried about your weight (30+ overweight) then you should either join a gym, take up swimming, jog, etc., to lose some of the weight for your own sake and the sake of your health. Most people have to fight with weight problems and workout, diet, etc. Don't go on a crazy diet, (Weight Watchers is a good one) and it's healthy. Men lose weight quicker than men because they don't retain the fat that women do. Blast! LOL You'd feel better about yourself and it would give you more confidence. Don't do it for anyone else but yourself. I have friends of all ages and believe it or not all of them agree on personality and one example is: We all agreed that if we could date an actor that we felt attracted to who would it be. While there are good looking ones (a dime a dozen and so artificial) all of us picked John Candy. Unfortunately, this marvelous man with a heart of gold and grand sense of humor passed away. Too bad there aren't more like him around. Take a deep breath, go right up to that girl and ask her out. If she declines, don't take it personally, but you may be pleasantly surprised. There are a lot of nice girls out there. Good luck Marcy Yeah, she is nice, I've been friends with her a while and I wounldn't want to make things awkward :/

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Q: How much does being overweight lower your chances with a girl liking you?
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