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No seat belt violation is not considered a moving violation by most insurance companies so there is no point charge.


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dont know what state your in but in cali who ever is not wearing the seat belt gets the ticket

if the passenger has a drivers license he gets the ticket but if he hasnt had a drivers license the driver gets the ticket.

If the law requires a seat belt for all passengers it is the drivers responsibility and the ticket will be issued to the driver.

If the ticket was issued to his name then NO, it will not effect your insurance rate.

If an adult gets a ticket for not having a seat belt it will not go on your license in the state of New York. however, if the ticket is for a child not having a seat belt on, it will go on your license.

It's your CSA2010 report which gets the worst of it, actually. Many companies will fire you if you get a seat belt ticket in their vehicle.

Insurance follows the car, and points follow the driver. which means that the friend will receive the ticket and the points against his insurance. However, your insurance will pay for your car and you should not receive the points for the ticket. Check with your state for insurance guidelines.

the driver because that is the one who is driving

Whether you pay a ticket or not will end up appearing on your record. If you contest a ticket in court and it gets dismissed, or you go to traffic school,the ticket should disappear from your record and not affect your insurance rates.

I'm thinking the ticket will go on your sons' record and your insurance will go up. A lisence to drive or ride is the "ticket" to having your own personal record. It's up to you if you get speeding tickets or accidents put on it. Now your insurance is your insurance with him on it and therefor it will rise.

The person who gets a ticket for a moving violation is the person who will be affected on their insurance rates. Your insurer checks your driving record. They have no way of checking who else may have received a ticket while driving your vehicle.

If a person that is not covered by the insurance of the car being driven is given a ticket, the driver is responsible for the ticket. The insurance company that covers the car can tell the owner what affect it may or may not have for the policy owner.

It is very important to wear seatbelts in a vehicle.Yes, if a person gets a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt, it does go on their record.

It can show up on your CLUE report which insurance companies use. Generally it will have your car but the other persons name and info. It is easy to get the insurance company to ignore that ticket under those circumstances.

Tickets are issued to people not cars. If you get a ticket while driving someone else's car, it only affects their insurance costs if you are a listed driver on their policy. The ticket is for the driver.

Depending on where you live, in most states (possibly all) any person(s) above the age of 16 whom aren't wearing the seatbelt get the ticket, not the driver. If the person who is without seatbelt is under the age of 16, then the driver gets the ticket.

your liscense gets revoked next time u renew it :(

No, the state does not notify insurance companies each time a person gets a ticket. It is up to the insurance companies to periodically get a persons driving record. Surprising to most people insurance companies don't do this all to often. It's expensive so they usually only get your record if you give them a reason to such as file a collision claim.

No. Speeding tickets are issued to the driver not the vehicle.

They give you a ticket and you have to prove that you have insurance or have gotten insurance, but by the time your caught, your dl is usually suspended by then. if you have a tag you have to have insurance on it. if you take off insurance it gets sent to the state and it gets suspended. if you get the notice in time you can fix it, but everytime you have this happen the reinstatement fee goes up more each time.

That will depend on who issued the ticket for speeding. And it is likely to be two separate tickets. Each jurisdiction gets to set their own penalties.

No, driving violations are based on the drivers lic. not the vehicle they were driving

If a person with only a learners permit gets a reckless driving ticket, they will have to pay the ticket. Depending on the state they may be required to attend classes, and their insurance rates will go up.

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