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2,000 lbs.

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Q: How much does crushed glass weigh per ton?
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How much does crushed glass weigh per cubic foot?

Specific gravity of glass is 2.5 grams per cubic centimeter. It depends on the density ofglass.

How much does borosilicate glass weigh per cubic centimeter?

The density of borosilicate glass is approx. 2,23 g/cm3.

How much is volcanic glass?

Volcanic Glass Is Worth 6 Dollars US Per Ounce. So Just Weigh And Calculate.

How much does tempered glass weigh at one eighth inch thickness?

1.62 lbs per sqft

How much does 1 square foot of one inch thick glass weigh?

14 lbs per sq ft

What does 12mm glass weigh per square metre?


What does 10mm toughened glass weigh per square metre?


What does 4mm toughened glass weigh per square meter?


What does 10mm laminated glass weigh per square meter?


What does 19mm toughened glass weigh per square meter?


What does 8mm toughened glass weigh per square meter?

It depends on the glass type, but for general purposes it is about 19.8 kilograms per square meter

How much does crushed cubic yard of basalt weigh in tons?

Per construction website I've used: Basalt @ 4887 lbs/2.44 tons = 1 Cu Yd.

How much does liquid asphalt weigh per gallon?

how much does asphault weigh

What does 6mm toughened glass weigh per square meter?

6mm glass weighs 16 kg/m2 or 3.27 lbs per square foot

How much does glass weigh?

Standard 1/4" thick 'plate' glass weighs 3.2 lbs per square foot. A cubic foot of glass weighs 162 pounds. A square foot of 3/8" glass weights 5 pounds.

How much does Tempered Glass weigh at quarter inch and three-eighths and half inch thicknesses?

Glass weighs 162 pounds per cubic foot. Tempering adds no weight. Glass is glass, except specialty glasses like high temperature glass, which weighs slightly more.

How much does a glass and aluminum storefront system weigh per square foot?

The glass weighs 6.25lbs per sq. ft. (1" insulated units: 1/4" over 1/4" w/ 1/2" air space). Assume that 1/4" glass weighs 3.125lbs. per sq. ft. On aluminum storefront, i am not certain.

How much does 15m rebar weigh per foot?

1.57 KG/M

How much does glass cost per square cm?

The answer will depend on the quality of the glass.

How much does glass cost per square foot?

how much does 3/8 clear annealed glass cost per square foot wholesale

How much does one squard yard of crushed seashell weigh?

That depends how thick you spread it! It would make more sense to ask about the weight (or mass) per cubic yard, cubic foot, etc.

How much does xylene weigh per gallon?

7.238 pounds per gallon

How much does 40mm rebar weigh per mitre?


How much does a jersey barrier weigh per foot?

600 lbs per foot

How much does liberty herbicide weigh per gal?

9.6 lbs per gal