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This can depend on the state you live on, but the average cost for a DJ on your wedding is $300-$500.

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Q: How much does dj cost for wedding?
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How much do wedding DJ cost?

Depending on your requirements anything from $400 - $1000

How much does dj hero cost?

How much does dj hero caos

Where is it possible to hire a Wedding DJ?

A wedding is incomplete without DJ right? A wedding is the happiest moment in the life of the Bride and groom. Every wedding is special for the wedding couple because that is the start of their new life. Wedding DJ also plays an important role in a wedding because of that guest, family, and friends can enjoy the wedding vibes. Vibes can be increased by the wedding songs of Bollywood. For hiring a wedding DJ you can book us as your wedding planner in which DJ will be included and you can get a Budget Able DJ person for the wedding functions. Visit our site to make your wedding amazing. Website name as BookEventz.

How much did Katie price's wedding cost?

There wedding cost 600,000.

How much does it cost for a wedding in goa?

It depend on the kind of wedding you want to have. If you are going to have beach wedding or destination wedding it will cost so much as compare to normal.

How much did Katie prices wedding cost?

Katie's wedding cost 600,000

How much would a wedding cost?

The average cost of a wedding in the US is about 27,000.

How much does the cheapest DJ cost?

about $250.00

Wedding DJ Prices?

Wedding DJ Prices can vary depending on what is included, geographical area, the length of the wedding, the size of the wedding, additional fees and more.

How much is a Wedding DJ?

Depending on your requirements it could range from $400 - $1000

How much percnt of the cost of a wedding does the wedding planner charge?

A wedding planner usually charges 10% of the total cost of the wedding.

How much is a traditional wedding in Ghana cost with a Akan ethnic group?

How much does a traditional Ghana wedding cost

How much does a justice of the peace wedding cost in morian county IN?

how much does a justice of the peace wedding cost in Marian county IN?

How Much Did the wedding of Katie Price to Peter Andre cost?

Therer wedding cost 600,000.

Indian Wedding DJ?

A quality Indian wedding DJ will help couples and their guests celebrate with traditional music and dances. When culture is of the utmost importance, make sure you enlist the services of a skilled Indian wedding DJ.

How much was peter and Katie's wedding?

There wedding cost about 600,000 or more.

How much does it cost for vicente fernandez to play at a wedding?

Home wedding

How much does a justice of the peace wedding cost in Jefferson pa?

The average wedding here cost $20,977

How much does a expensive wedding cost?

Standard wedding cost between $15000 and $40,000 Expensive is $50,000 +

Cost of wedding 1989?

The average cost of a wedding 1989 was $5,000. Of course, the actual cost depended on the wedding size and how much the bride's family wanted to spend.

Can Avicii DJ your wedding?


How much does a dj cost for a birthday party?

about 3,000 dollars

How much does it cost to hire DJ excision?

$100 to $200

How much will dj hero cost?

If you buy both the game and controller, it will cost about $200.

How much can weddings cost?

well a wedding can cost any thing from 2000 to millions it just depends on how big you want your wedding and how much you want at your wedding. let me tell you my friends wedding cost 50'000 but i wanted a small wedding and it cost me 4'000. satisfied???any thing from 2000 to millions it just depends on how much you want at you wedding , my wedding cost 4000 but my friends cost 20'000. satisfied???The cost of weddings can vary greatly. The cost will vary according to the region where it takes place and the budget restraints of the couple getting married. The average wedding in the U.S. is around $28,000 right now. You can have a great wedding for less if you plan carefully.