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If you were the victim of a hit and run then your insurance rates shouldn't change. If you were doing the hit and run then you should expect to get cancelled.

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Q: How much does insurance go up for a hit and run from Farmers insurance?
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What can you do if you are in a hit-and-run accident that is not your fault and you have no insurance?

Pretty much nothing. Learn a lesson, always carry insurance!

How much does car insurance go up after a hit and run?

Contact your agent or policy services for your insurance company and they will be able to tell you.

Hit and run and you have no insurance?

If you ran then you need no insurance. If you got hit and the other guy got caught...sue him.

What kind of auto insurance covers a hit and run accident?

Comprehensive insurance

Is the owners insurance liable in a Hit and run stolen car?

victim compensated in hit/run stolen car

How do you handle the insurance after a hit and run?

After a hit and run, the individual hit should file a police report as soon as possible. That police report should then be presented to the person's insurance company who will assess the damages to the vehicle.

Is insurance carrier required to report hit and run to police?

The insurance company is not required to report a hit and run to the police but in most all personal auto policies, the insured is required to report a hit and run to the police before the insurance company will treat the claim as an uninsured motorist claim. This is usually a policy requirement.

What type of insurance will pay for damages if you are the victim of hit-and-run driver?

Medical or Health Insurance

How does full coverage insurance work for hit and run with no secondary party?

you would have to claim it on your own insurance.

Who is at fault for insurance purposes in a hit and run and I was the victim?

In a case that is like this, the insurance company can pay under uninsured motorist and attempt to collect when the hit and run driver is found. Although it is not your fault the insurance company will keep a record and note if you have a repeat of this happening.

Had insurance when your car was hit by a hit an run driver after the wreck lost your insurance will you still get paid?

Yes. As long as you were insured when the accident happened they will pay the claim.

Should the insurance company of the car that hit my car from behind still pay for my damages if they were a victim of a hit and run?

Hit and run is considered a moving violation and will never change the circumstances of an accident. The facts will be weighed without the hit and run.

I have liability only and was involved in a hit and run but you hit some other cars when you were hit?

If you were the victim of hit and run driver, and your vehicle damaged others as a result - notify your insurance company and it, and the insurance companies of the other damaged vehicles, will engage in what is known as "subrogation" of the costs of repairing the vehicles involved.

If your auto is damaged in a hit and run while parked in the driveway should you use the personal property rider on your auto insurance to cover it?

That would be considered a hit and run which would fall in the comp/coll portion of an insurance policy

Where do you print proof of insurance for my car farmers ins?

You need to contact your insurance agent and they can print the proof of insurance that you need. If your agent is close by you can run by and pick up the insurance card. We make cards in the office every day for people.

A hit and run vehicle was found at fault for causing back injury how much should be paid for pain and suffering?

Did you locate the culprit? How much uninsured motorist insurance did you have? You have to find someone to sue.

If you are hit by someone in a parking lot and they leave what insurance coverage paysin GA?

Uninsured motorists coverage if you picked it up when you puchased your auto insurance would pay for a hit and run loss.

Do collision insurance cover a hit and run?

Yes, you should be covered if someone hits you or you hit them regardless of someone leaving the scene.

Will the insurance company in ca cover hit and run if im not at fault?

If you have an applicable coverage it should cover you whether you run away or not.

After being involved in a hit and run how do you find out if the vehicle's owner has insurance and who the carrier is?

Your own insurance carrier & the police will handle this. Of course if they never find out who hit you, then you will have no way of knowing. I agree with the 1st answer.

How much does insurance cost for gastric bypass?

Gastric bypass surgery is very expensive and can run quite a bill. If you do not currently have insurance that will cover it, chances are you will have to pay for it out of pocket. That can run as much as $15,000. Your insurance premium may be increased because of the nature of this surgery.

How do you find a hit-and-run driver's insurance information knowing his plate number and driver's license number?

You give it to the police and they will deal with it. Or your insurance company will deal with it.

Who offers free auto insurance quotes?

All Insurance companies will give you a free insurance quote. If an insurance comany wants to charge you a fee for a quote, run away as quicj as you can. State Farm, Farmers, Geico, Insurance Plus, Progressive, Amax, Farmers Insurance. Any company you can think of will give you a quote for free. Most companies now will also have teh ability for your to get a free quote at their company web site.

Where can I find affordable motorcycle insurance?

Most insurance brokers can run his information to see how much insurance costs from various companies. Progressive insurance also will compare your rates.

How much will one's auto insurance go up with one ticket on your record with Farmers?

There is no certain answer to this because there are so many variables involved. First of all insurance companies don't check motorvehicle records of current customers very often unless you give them a reason to such as filing a claim. Second is that one ticket for many people would have no effect on their insurance premiums. The problem that you might run into is in trying to leave Farmers for another company.