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The cost is dependent on what level of education you want and where you go to school. There's a multitude of nurses who can work with pediatric patients although if you want to specialize in pediatrics and work as a solo practitioner you'd have to become an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN).

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Q: How much does it cost to become a pediatric nurse?
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How much does a pediatric nurse make?

How much does a pediatric nurse make? a pediatric nurse makes $19.51-$26.11 an hour

How much schooling do u need to become a pediatric nurse?

2 to 4 years

How much money does a registered pediatric nurse earn?

a pediatric nurse makes about 40,000 a year

How much does the education cost to become a pediaTRIC?

$16,357 This is an average cost from a public colleege..

How much does it cost to become a pediatric oncologist?

your looking around 150,000 dollars.

How much does a pediatric nurse get a month?

The amount of money that a pediatric nurse gets a month depends on a few things. This depends on the age and location.

How much does a pediatric nurse make in Canada?

The average salary of a pediatric nurse in Canada is $55,000 per year. Pediatric nurses in Canada can make up to $80,000 per year.

How much does pediatric nurse make?

i have kno clue?? :)

How much does a pediatric nurse makes a week?


How much does a pediatric nurse get paid in 1 year?

How much money does college cost to become a nurse?

About 30,000 dollars(:

How much does a pediatric nurse practitioner make a year?

They make 2,000,000,000 a year

How much does a pediatric care cost?

i eat babys

How much to pediatric nurse make a mouth?

How much a pediatric nurse makes in one month will depend on the area of the world that she works in. Most nurses work on an hourly basis. Registered nurses are paid more than Licensed Practical Nurses.

How much does one year of pediatric care cost?

about 200,000$

How much does it cost to hire a nurse?

The cost of hiring a nurse depends on the type of nurse you are hiring. Hiring a certified nursing assistant will be cheaper than hiring a registered nurse.

How much is the expected entry level salary of a pediatric nurse?

The median expected salary for a typical Staff Nurse - RN - Pediatrics - Home Care in the United States is $55,496.

How much does a pediatric nurse make an hour in west Virginia?

$19.76-$29.33 an hour. with bonuses, its $20-$42.68 an hour.

How much can I make being a pediatric or a regular nurse?

Nurse's make a little more than the average making money. They make kind of the same amount of money as regular engineers. Which is about 80,000 minimum to as much as 300,000.

How much does it cost to become a nurse antitheists?

The price of nurse anesthetist schools in Chicago will vary. It is typically thirty thousand dollars to sixty thousand dollars. Due to inflation, these prices may change.

How much money does a registered pediatric nurse earn at lucile salter children's hospital at Stanford?

between 30 000 and 50 000

How much do pediatriciatcians make every two years?

It depends on their 'band' or rating and weather their a nurse or doctor etc. I know a pediatric nurse who works for a charity who earns around 35 thousand a year

How much is the educational cost to become a nurse practitioner?

the school 1 2 years and all the books and stuff alot of money put it that way

Rewarding Careers Can be Found as a Pediatric Nurse?

One of the most rewarding jobs in the healthcare field is pediatric nurse. A pediatric nurse specializes in caring for children, and also interacts with the child's parents. A pediatric nurse may be an LPN, RN, or nurse practioner. The degree of education the nurse has determines the duties he or she may perform. State law defines these duties. Becoming an LPN (licensed practical nurse) is the shortest route to becoming a pediatric nurse. Training takes about one year. LPNs provide basic care, such as recording vital signs and changing dressings. While becoming an LPN is the easiest route to becoming a pediatric nurse, it is also the one with more limited opportunities. RNs (registered nurse) and nurse practitioners must have more education. An RN program typically takes two years, and candidates earn either a nursing certificate or an associates degree in nursing. RNs have much greater flexibility in the field than LPNs do; an RN may help perform medical tests, administer medications and treatments, and operate medical machinery. A nurse practitioner has even greater responsibilities. Nurse practitioners typically have a master's degree in nursing, and are able to perform examinations and prescribe medications under the supervision of a physician. Salaries vary in the field of pediatric nursing. Location affects the payscale, as does the level of the nurse's education. A LPN may start out at a salary of about $33,000, which may advance to $44,000 or more with experience. An RN's starting salary is higher-around $54,000. This can increase to over $70,000 with experience. A nurse practitioner has the highest salary range, starting out at about $75,000 and increasing to about $90,000 with experience. Pediatric nursing is both rewarding and challenging. If you have an ability to empathize and communicate with children, as well as their parents, and the dedication to complete the necessary education, then a career as a pediatric nurse may be just the thing for you.

How much money a year does a pediatric nurse make?

For a very accurate portrayal of the pay scale throughout the country, see the Related Link below.

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