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My garage phoned me out of the blue and told me I needed this done to my 5 year old Espace - with dire threats of what happens if the belt fails - they quoted £1500. Can I risk leaving this longer?

It depends on the model. I have a 3.0l v6 one (T reg) and the cambelt and plugs need to be changed at 72000 miles. Because it is the v6 only a main dealer will touch it and they have quoted me £1500 for the cambelt and £720 for the plugs!!!!

I have heard that smaller independent garages will do the cambelt on a non v6 model for around £750.

Mine has currently done 83000 miles and I don't really want to risk driving it until the cambelts changed (£3000 - 5000 for an new engine).

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2011-09-13 03:47:16
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Q: How much does it cost to change a Renault espace cam belt and at what mileage does it need to be changed?
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