How much does it cost to get a female dog spayed?

This is highly dependent on where you live, what the physical status of the dog is (young or old, pregnant or in heat) and what level of preventive measures you wish to be taken during surgery.

For a young dog before her first heat cycle and otherwise in good health in Columbus OH, you could reasonably have this animal spayed for around $125. For an older dog in late term pregnancy or with a complicating chronic disease (such as Cushing's or diabetes), the cost could be up to $500. Also, in general, the cost of everything in the Midwest (such as Ohio) is less than the cost on the coasts (New Jersey, California).

It is advised that you call around to several veterinarians to check prices and services offered - some vets will charge less but won't put an IV line in or will discharge the same day while other vets may charge more but always put in an IV line just in case something goes wrong and keep the dog overnight for observation.