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It depends on the type of survey you want, among other things. Try the link to the right for a directory of Surveying Companies by the state. Contact a couple in your area and tell them what you need. Perhaps they can give you some estimatesAs a Professional Land Surveyor, I generally say the survey will be a minimum of $500 and that is if the land is in a newer development, the corners were originally set and the lot is easily accessible with few trees blocking the line of sight. If the corners were never set or have been destroyed by construction (driveways, sidewalks, fences, etc.) and have to be re-set the time involved to complete the survey would be longer and the price would go up. In an older part of town, the price generally is higher because of the difficulty in finding property pins and obstructions. There's also the problem of having to dig in the neighbors yards to look for property pins if your pins are not on the ground anymore. We have had to search and dig holes several hundred feet away from a lot to locate enough corners to piece together a lot survey.Go online and look for a surveyor in your area. If you want to survey for a routine fence install, you shouldn't pay more than $200.

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Q: How much does it cost to get a small lot surveyed?
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