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depending on the size, colors, and where @, it could be anywhere between 45$ to 600$ or more.


Prices vary on the size of the tattoo, the location of the tattoo and the artist. One shop's prices will vary from another's. But remember, you get what you pay for! The prices can be far greater than $600...

The way that the artist prices the tattoo is: they look at the work involved in it. They look at how long it will take them to do the work, and then they price accordingly.


It all depends on what size, how many colors, and type you want. They can range from $74 to $500 even $600.It just depends on what you want and where you go to get it and if you want it as more then black and white.


As stated above it really does depend. In my personal opinion Ive noticed that established/well known artist will charge more for their work, than the 23yr. old who has just opened up shop and doesnt have a portfolio yet. When getting a tattoo Please,Please,Please shop around. Always ask the artist inking you for examples of his work.Do NOT let him point to the wall and show you pictures. You want to make sure he/she knows what their doing on skin. My first Tatt. cost about $30.00 with 6colors,Flash art & its 6"x21/2" in demensions.The color was breached and faded earley.My second tatt. was 4 colors & about the same size wich cost me over $80.00.13 years later it still looks as good as the one I got 2 years ago. My first tattoo had to be corrected. Never go shopping for price when it comes to tattoo's.Wait until you can afford to have one properly done. Just remember,"Good tattoo's arent cheap & Cheap tattoo's arent Good."

'It depends on what you get, where on the body and the location of the tattoo parlor. You should do some research as to where you want you tattoo and the size and find a clean place to go because you wouldn't want anything to go wrong.'


it also depends on the shop's location, reputation, and if it is owner operated. for example, because my 2500 sq ft shop is located on a side street it costs only 800 a month compared to the 700 sq ft shop around the corner that rents for 1700 a month. plus because i do all the tattoos and own the shop, there is nobody taking a cut out of what i make. most shops pay their artists 30-50 percent, so they will charge 30-50 percent more than an owner/artist (fiqure that the owner/artist puts a maximum of 20% towards bills, taxes, and expenses) Also, most owner/artists care more about their long term rputation, so are more likely to help you choose a ttatoo you will be happy with, and take care of any touchups needed for free.


the price I've almost always run across in my tattoo's(mind you this is in VA) are normally priced by the hour and normally about 80-100 dollars an hour. However, if it's a small flash tattoo or lettering it's normally one set price or you pay for letter.


Tattoo prices differ from area to are as mentioned above. In So-Cal tattoo's are going to be more expensive than say Beaver's Creek, Montana. The cost of living and the economy are huge factors. As well as the location within the city. In some small shop 100 miles from the coast it's alot chaper than a small shop on a shopping strip near the beach. The reputation of the artist/shop. A small time, new comer can't, better yet, shouldn't charge the same as a highly sought after tattoo artist with multiple magazine articles and a plethora of awards from national conventions. Size and location also determine the price. Tattoos on your hands, neck and face are more expensive than something on your shoulder or bicep. It puts alot of stress on the artist knowing that the work will be seen always. Also if its going to be an akward sitting position for the artist. Most tattoos out here in So-Cal rande from 150-175 bucks an hour for multiple session jobs, or set prices for smaller peices with many shops having minimum prices, usually 50-75 bucks. So if you go in asking for three small initials on your chest or three dots on your wrist it's still a shop minimum. Like stated above, shop around, look at their portfolios, and if you like the ambient, the artist is cool, the price is right and he has some descent recent peices, don't shun him out because he doesn't have that impressive portfolio; all artist start somewhere...he could end up being the next Brandon Bond, and all artist have return customer discounts ;)

a tattoo's size dosent have much to do with the price it matters how long itll take to finish a big basic tattoo will cost more then a small detailed one

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Q: How much does it cost to get a tattoo?
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