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How much does it cost to get an online associate's degree as a pharmacy technician?

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Usually it wont really matter what kind of associates degree you get. There are generally a few different programs that you will be able to choose from to obtain an associates degree. The classes will generally be a little different, but the overall cost will be the same. I am going for associates in business, and it is going to cost me a total of $16,000 dollars which is absolutely ridiculous. I am however cutting out about a year of schooling. (online is much faster pace, but those credit hours rack up very fast)

2009-04-29 19:37:20
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Is a pharmacy technician an associate's degree?

Most pharmacy technicians are trained on the job. However, pharmacists prefer those who have completed a pharmacy technician program. There are some community colleges that do offer this program of study and there are now a lot of websites from organizations and companies that are approved and accredited to sell online pharmacy technician training programs.

Where can I find pharmacy technician training?

Pharmacy technician - NHS Careers ... Life sciences Pharmacy technician Entry requirements, training and registration. For information about the entry requirements for pharmacy technicians, the training involved, and details about ... Pharmacy Technician Certification - online career training program nationally recognized Pharmacy Technician online course and training program teaches the skills needed to gain employment as a Pharmacy Technician.

Can I get pharmacy technician training online?

Unfortunately you can not get a pharmacy technician training onlne. You must go to a traditional school.

Where can I find out more about pharmacy technician certifications?

This nationally recognized Pharmacy Technician online course and training program teaches the skills needed to gain employment as a Pharmacy Technician.

Where can you find pharmacy technician tests online?

You can find find pharmacy technician tests online on the internet like: " ", " " .

Where can I find pharmacy technician jobs online?

Pharmacy Technician Jobs are great to get when a new walgreens or cvs pharmacy opens. Get online and look up local store openings in your area and be one of the first to apply.

Are there any pharmacy technician programs online?

Yes, it's called a Pharmacy Technician Online Certification Training Program. They can be found with a simple search online. Here's one:

Where can I find an online pharmacy technician school?

Online pharmacy technician schools teach you the same information and give you the same degree as classroom programs. So, if you are interested in this field, you can find a list of schools on the Internet, such as the website of "All Allied Health Schools " and find the appropriate school for yourself.

Where can I find pharmacy technician practice tests?

A pharmacy technician test is available to download from education websites. How easy they are depends on the individual, but an online pharmacy technician test is a useful learning tool to prepare the student for their exams.

Where can I find information on pharmacy technician training?

If I were you, I'd go online to You can find more information about pharmacy technician training in your local area.

Are there any online pharmacy technician certification programs?

Yes there are indeed many online schools that offer a pharmacy tech program.

where can I find information about pharmacy technician training online ?

Pharmacy technician online training is the same program you would take in college, but you take it online instead. Most two and four year colleges will offer this program.

How many pharmacist schools are located in Utah?

There is only one school in Utah that offers a pharmacist degree. It is the University of Utah College of Pharmacy. There are several that offer pharmacy technician programs in Utah and online.

Where does one get a pharmacy technician job?

A person can get a pharmacy technician job if they apply to careerbuilder or hot jobs. A person can put their resume online and they can get jobs sent to them.

Where can one find pharmacy technician programs?

Pharmacy technician programs can be found from many different resources. Some good online resources for pharmacy technician programs include several college websites such as Chaffey and Boston Reed College.

What is ones advantages with an associates online degree?

"An associates degree online provides more flexibility than a traditional classroom setting degree, and the degree allows more opportunities for higher-paying jobs."

Where can I get my associates degree in business?

1.Online Associates Degree in Business | AA Business - Online Degree Programs Associate Degree 2.Business Administration Degrees - Campus & Online Business ...

Is there a cheap veterinary program online?

At you can learn the first steps towards becoming a veterinary technologist or veterinary technician. A technician usually completes a 2-year program toward an associates degree, while a technologist pursues a 4-year bachelors degree program. This is true for online and on-campus students.

Can I earn a pharmacy technician certification in 18 months?

yes you can earn the pharmacy technician certificate in 18 months . you can check online there are lots of school offers that course

Where can I take pharmacy technician training online? , and are ideal sites for one to take pharmacy technician training.

What kind of certification is necessary to work as a pharmacy technician?

A test, called the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, should be taken and passed. Classes may be taken online.

Where could one find a facility that offers pharmacy technician training?

Many technical colleges offer pharmacy technician certification programs online. Check with your local technical school to see what online programs they offer.

Can you show me what to do to get a online associates degree ?

To get an online Associates degree, you have to decide what courses you want to take and what degree you want to earn. You also have to decide upon which online university you will attend. You will also have to fill out the admission application, pay for the courses and more.

Where can I receive pharmacy technician lessons?

You can receive pharmacy technician lessons from a university or college. Some university offers it online as well. It's better to do it in school though as real laboratories are there.

What's the best online pharmacy technician training?

US Career Institute offers an online pharmacy technician training course that ranks very high in pharmacy technician programs, even among the campus based ones. The costs depend on school and how long it takes, but they are going to be cheaper than campus based courses in any case.