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How much does it cost to get colored braces?


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If you already have them just ask the ortho man if you can have color. They're usually happy to do it for free. It happens all the time where I work, especially on kids and teens.


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No. I had a friend who got colored braces, and it cost no more than my clear braces.

regular braces not the invisline cost alot more then regular or colored braces! hope i helped?!

It depends on the Dentist you go to. Some will let you have colored rubber bands for free.

how much do braces cost for a 12 year old the cheapest ones?Answerbraces are like $7000.

how much do metal braces cost for all mouth

Depending on your circumstances braces can cost between $1500 -$5000

When you are told you need braces the dentist cant make you get them its kind of like recommending them to you for straight teeth. So being told that you need braces wont make a difference. So if you do want colored braces they may cost more. p.s. most braces are a color so they may all cost the same. I hope this helps :).

No, it's like getting any other colored braces, the same price just different colors.

The base cost for braces is the same, at some point of braces treatment you may need a chain or several, there is no added cost to have a chain with braces since it's included in the original cost

Well the different types are..standard metal bracescolored bracesclear bracesthe top is clear and the bottom is coloredand lingual braces. Lingual braces are placed behind your teeth

nope! colored braces made being a brace face much more fun for me, haha :)

the rubber bands which make the braces colourful are free, they are a part of the braces.

The cost of braces will depend on what type of insurance a person has. If the insurance covers braces, the price will be significantly reduced.

By braces do you mean brackets or rubber bands? you can get either metal or clear brackets. But on top of the brackets you can get different colored rubber bands. So yeah, you can get different colored braces.

If you think about how much normal braces cost ( top and bottom) around ยฃ2500 or $3000 if you pay for them and the metal braces are probably cheap braces. You would also have to go to a specilist orthodontist.

Braces in England are from $3000 to $5000 maximum. This depends on the quality of the braces you use. For medium quality, you can use braces that will cost you $4000. As the cost also depends on the dentist who is placing the braces in.

depends on the dentist and how many braces you are getting

i was eleven when i got my braces and they cost about 8,000$

The cost of braces is determined by the amount of work that needs to be done on your teeth. Anywhere from $4,500 - $10,000, but if you have dental coverage much of the cost could be covered.

Braces cost about $2000-$6600 depending on where you goYou will find a number of orthodontic procedures for teeth straightening, including braces and retainers. The process of getting braces average cost about $4900 for children and $5354 for adults.

Mouth braces are expensive. The cost depends on different factors, such as a person's insurance coverage. Depending on coverage, mouth braces can be more affordable. Without a beneficial coverage, the assistance will make the cost of braces more difficult. Braces can cost between one thousand to five thousand dollars.

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