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How much does it cost to get your tubes untied?

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It costs app. $6,300 below is a website that offers info and financial advice

there you goIt costs about as much to get your tubes untied as it does to adopt a baby. Hope that answers your not sure if you are living in Canada or not but, in nova scotia it cost $4700 for a tubal reversal. hope this hepls
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How much does it cost to get your tubes untied in Mississippi?

how much Do it cost to have your tubes until in mississippi

How can you get your tubes untied cheap?

How much does it cost to untie ur tubes

Who is the cheapest doctor in Lafayette Louisiana to untie your tubes?

how much does it cost to get my tubes untied

How much is it to get your tubes untied?

The average cost starts at $5,000 and go up from there.

Can a woman get her tubes untied?

yes a women can get her tubes untied

How much it cost in George to untie tubes?

Fallopian tubes can't be untied. What we call "tying" is actually a permanent procedure that either involves clamping or severing them.

What can you do to get your tubes untied?

To get your tubes untied there is a reversal surgery. Doctors will reattach the fallopian tubes. This is only possible if there is no damage to the tubes or scar tissue.

Can your tubes come untied after 13 years?

It is possible for you tubes to become untied at any time.

How do your tubes come untied?

Can your tubes come untied after being tied for 16 years. I have been feeling sick lately and wondered if they came untied.

What do the tubes look like if they come untied?

When the tubes come untied the look the same as if they were never tied. This is a temporary fix.

Can you get your tubes untied with a medical card?

i tied my tubes 10year ago and know i want to untied .i need to know were to go

How to know if your tubes are untied?

Well if you're pregnant that's usually a pretty clear sign to know if tubes are untied.

Can you get your tubes untied on the nhs?


How can you get your tubes untied?

I want to know if mass health will cover getting your tubes untied? I have had my tubes tied for 7 years and I`m thinking about having another baby, so after all these years having my tubes tied would I still be able to have a baby if I get them untied?

Can your fallopian tubes become untied after a number of years?

If the tubes are cut then they can never be restored but it is a very small possibility of tubes becoming untied if they have ONLY been tied.

Do you have to have your tubes untied to be a surrogate mother?

No, you do not have to have your tubes untied to become a surrogate. My partner and I, our surrogate has her tubes tied and we used an egg donor for the embryo. They are then transferred into the uterus after they are fertilized.

Is there a place in Oklahoma to get your tubes untied for cheap?

I would like to get my tubes untied is their a place here in oklahoma city where i can go and make an appointment

Can I get my tubes untied on a medical card?

Generally you cannot get your tubes untied using a medical card or Medicaid. This is because it is not a medically necessary procedure.

Can tubes really become untied?

Tubes could become untied after a 7-15 years. But there is also a possibilty of them not untieing. You should see your doctor soon if you think your tubes have beomce untied and think you are pregnant. My mother tubes come untied after 23 years, my cousin's come untied after 4 years, my best friend's tubes come untied after 6 months. There is not a set time period, it just happens. Yes, it can happen. It's not something that happens to every woman, Thankfully. Ectopic pregnancy's are dangerous and can be caused by tubes coming untied. My mother almost died from hers. So if you have your tubes tied and believe you may be pregnant, it is very important that you see your OB/GYN as soon as you possibly can.

Tubes came untied in 1999 can you have a baby?

yes you can

Can you have a successful pregnancy if your tubes come untied?


Does medicare cover getting tubes untied or unclamped?


Can your tubes come untied if you got them burn?


What can you do to get pregnant while tubes are tied?

Get them untied. Obviously.

How can your tubes come untied?

There have been some instances where a persons tubes come untied naturally. However, in most cases, surgery is needed to reverse a tubal ligation.