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How much does it cost to have an oil pump replaced on a 97 camaro z28?


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The cost of replacing an oil pump on the 1997 Camaro Z28 varies slightly by location. On average with labor this replacements costs between 250.0 and 300.00.

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We replaced ours and it cost 21.95 for a lifetime water pump.....My husband replaced it by himself...

I just replaced mine it cost $350 when I was done.

Any auto parts store can quote you a price.

You don't say the year ? - Difficult to say without knowing that

The fuel pump comes as a module and the cost could be between $550.00 and $625.00 installed.

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I just replaced my water pump last month and it cost around $200, but could be up to $250 sometimes.

I replaced mine on a 2001 XL 5.3 and the pump cost me $160 new. I paid $100 labor.

I just had the fuel pump replaced in my daughters 1989 LXI and it was $336.00

Front of engine. Fairly easy to work on. Make sure it is replaced with reverse flow water pump.

i have a 1994 caprice and 2 days ago i replaced the fuel pump and i paid 134-160 for the fuel pump I replaced my 1992 Caprice one recently for $65.

I just had my water pump replaced on my '96 Windstar at a Ford dealer and it cost me $575.

The pump itself should not be much money ($15-$25) It's the labor that kills you. I had it replaced on my pathfinder and the it took about 4 hours so the labor alone was nearly $300. If your water pump is not hard to get to it may be less.

I am not sur of the cost if you have it professionally done, but I replaced the fuel pump in my 1984 Lincoln Town Car myself. The pump and strainer together only cost $118 if purchased from Auto Zone.

Depends on where you live. Average is between $300 & $500.

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I recently had the fuel pump replaced in my Dodge Ram 1500 ... same process. $500.00

The water pump is replaced at the same time the cam belt is replaced on a 1994 Honda Accord. The cost at an independent shop will run from $350-$450. At a dealership it will cost around $800-$900. This price includes replacing both the water pump and cam belt which must be replaced every 90,000 miles. Warning: This is an interference engine. And as such if the belt breaks it will result in internal engine damage.

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